Breakthrough Discovery
Use the Stile Gide! In the first two issues I have read, the same error appears in each. Truckin Tough with the Dan Ward byline (isn't he the editor...?) ends with "...see how they faired." The tools went to the fair? Did they get to go on any rides? I'd be more interested in how they fared. AP Style Guide, online. It's a fair deal! I have a spelling checker - It came with my new pea sea. It plane lee marks four my revue Miss steaks aye can knot sea. Eye ran this poem threw it, Your sure reel glad two no. Its vary polished in it's weigh, My checker tolled me sew.
Jay Ranis • Denville, New Jersey

Jay, thanks for pointing out we're not perfect and we do make mistakes. We will sleep better two knight.

Christina Marie Truman
(a Nissan Titan owner)

How about something other than the Big 3 for a change?

Christina, we can't show it if people don't build it. We've featured several of the best Titans and Tundras in the country over the last few years, but they are few and far between.

Who is the model in the "Shows" section of the print magazine? And why aren't there more photos on your website? I would love to find some more of her photos anywhere.

It's hard to fault a man with a good eye for quality. The beautiful model used in our show section is Miss Katarina Van Derham. We've had the pleasure of talking with her at length and she's truly an amazing woman. To see more of this stunner, go to

David J. Weaver
Liked the Matchbox truck article. Still collect Matchbox and Hot Wheels.

David, thanks for the feedback, glad to know we're not the only ones still playing with trucks.