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Lovin' the Logo

First off I must say, I love the new logo for the mag and have been reading Truckin for a while. I'm writing to thank you guys for putting out this magazine, it inspires me and motivates me to have my own custom built truck to be featured in Truckin.
Jaaroed Butler, Lafayette, Louisiana

Will the Real Trucks Please Stand Up?
Finally, at 47 years old, I am able to buy back the best truck I ever had, a 1970 C10. Where they used to be scrap or a few hundred bucks, now they are considered collectable—go figure. First thing I need? I need to get that magazine I used to read, Truckin magazine. So I buy the truck, same day I purchase the magazine for helpful hints, ideas, seeing what others are doing—you know, to drool. I discipline myself, tell myself I won't start reading till after work, when I am in my "home office," alone (my favorite reading place). After much anticipation, I open it up and see a new Chevy donked with 30-inch rims and skinny tires. "Ha," I think to myself, "a magazine with a sense of humor!" I turn the page and see a two-page ad with a slammed SUV & stupid/silly tires & rims. Huh? Panicking, I leaf thru the magazine and see, over and over, the same exact thing: slammed/lowered trucks with big rims, skinny tires & silly paintjobs. WTF? I want to build a man's truck, not a kiddie rice-burner lookalike with a bed in the back. I want to build a truck where putting cargo in the back is still an option, because the bed isn't filled with speakers and $30,000 worth of amplifiers so people can hear the bass line of your rap music on Neptune. Man, I'm seriously disappointed. WHERE ARE THE REAL TRUCKS?
Michael Adnuke Allentown, Pennsylvania

Michael, thanks for picking up the mag after a few years of taking a vacation. We're not sure what trucks you're referring to that were donked with 30s, or which feature trucks had $30,000 worth of audio in the bed. We've looked over the last seven issues of 2012 and we couldn't find any trucks that fit your description. We did find more than a dozen trucks that were featured and driven regularly.

Hi Dan,
When I was in the airport on my way to Moab I picked up a few issues of Truckin…. the Red Jacket Feature was great! I just wanted to thank you. Pat is stoked, it looks awesome, we're all very happy with it. Thanks for taking the time to shoot it with us, we appreciate it.
Laura Conrad • Kahn Media, Inc.

Laura, shooting a legit off-road Jeep that also had a bed in the back was a no-brainer decision for us.

Breakthrough Discovery
Use the Stile Gide! In the first two issues I have read, the same error appears in each. Truckin Tough with the Dan Ward byline (isn't he the editor...?) ends with "...see how they faired." The tools went to the fair? Did they get to go on any rides? I'd be more interested in how they fared. AP Style Guide, online. It's a fair deal! I have a spelling checker - It came with my new pea sea. It plane lee marks four my revue Miss steaks aye can knot sea. Eye ran this poem threw it, Your sure reel glad two no. Its vary polished in it's weigh, My checker tolled me sew.
Jay Ranis • Denville, New Jersey

Jay, thanks for pointing out we're not perfect and we do make mistakes. We will sleep better two knight.

Christina Marie Truman
(a Nissan Titan owner)

How about something other than the Big 3 for a change?

Christina, we can't show it if people don't build it. We've featured several of the best Titans and Tundras in the country over the last few years, but they are few and far between.

Who is the model in the "Shows" section of the print magazine? And why aren't there more photos on your website? I would love to find some more of her photos anywhere.

It's hard to fault a man with a good eye for quality. The beautiful model used in our show section is Miss Katarina Van Derham. We've had the pleasure of talking with her at length and she's truly an amazing woman. To see more of this stunner, go to

David J. Weaver
Liked the Matchbox truck article. Still collect Matchbox and Hot Wheels.

David, thanks for the feedback, glad to know we're not the only ones still playing with trucks.

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