Hey Guys!
I read a lot of different magazines because I am really into cars and trucks. The new direction of the magazine is very cool and I can really wrap my head around the performance modifications you guys have been featuring. I have finally saved up enough money for a solid down payment on a new truck and I really want the new Ford F-150 with the 5.0L engine. I have seen tons of cool engine upgrades in the Mustang magazines for that engine, but not really a peep from you guys on the truck front. Is there anything 5.0 related in our future?
Tim Huey
Atlanta, Georgia

You can bet we are big fans of the new 5.0L and even bigger fans of Ford F-150s with the Eco Boost turbo-six. Just like you, we have seen a few cam upgrades already on the market for the Mustang, but nothing marketed for the truck group. We're crossing our fingers more parts will be on the horizon soon, but to hold you over until then, we have something better. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Stillen on the installation of a Roush calibrated supercharger system for the 2011-2012 5.0L F-150 trucks. Keep your eyes peeled for that story to be out soon!

What's up Truckin!
What do I have to do to get my truck featured in Truckin magazine?
Javier Benavides
Laredo, Texas

We answer this question seemingly every other month, and the good news is, the equation hasn't changed. Send photos and a list of mods to Maxwell.matthewson@sorc.com, and if your truck meets our strict requirements, we'll be in touch.

Dear Truckin,
I'm a retired US Army SFC getting ready to take possession of a 2012 GMC Sierra with the Max 6.2L package. My question is, which exhaust system and cold-air intake will make the most horsepower and torque for the money? I want to go from the muffler to the tail pipes only. My interests include the Banks Monster Exhaust rear quads, the Gibson system, and JBA's setup. On the intake side my choices range from Volant's cool-air intake with the ram-air scoop, Airaid's semi-enclosed system, and K&N's cold-air intakes. Help me decide.
James A. Lee
U.S. Army, retired

We certainly applaud you for your choice in trucks. That GMC with the 6.2L will serve you for a long time with room to keep adding on as you see fit. As far as the best choice in performance intake and exhaust combinations for your truck, the best we can say is choose what you like. After testing many of the offerings available, we still have not come close to trying every possible combination on every truck. You can expect any of the brands you listed to make you happy. If it matters to you, the enclosed air intakes from Volant and Banks with the ram air feature will be quieter. Also, in our testing, the Banks exhaust is rowdier and louder than a comparable Gibson. It really depends on what kind of rumble you want. A programmer will make your intake and exhaust modifications really work well.

Rarest of the Rare
We need your help deciding the fate of a rare convertible truck. Did you know Dodge made the Dakota in a convertible? Well, they did and we had a photographer shoot some photos of the oddball. Our question to you is, should we run a feature on the truck in the mag, or simply reveal the photos on www.truckinweb.com? Go to facebook.com/truckinmag to voice your opinion

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