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Raise 'Em Right
Speechless. Wearing Vans and reading Truckin magazine. I love my baby.
Samuel Clifton Quina • Phoenix, Arizona

Looks like someone's been doing some great parenting. Thanks for sharing!

Featured Clubs
Hey guys, I would like to see a feature every month on truck clubs. Clubs are a big part of the scene and I'm sure others would be interested in learning the history, locations, and what defines the group. It would be cool to see my small group get covered, but I'm more interested in learning about the groups that inspire me, such as Relaxed Atmosphere, Negative Camber, No Regrets, Aftermath, Acrophobia, Severed Ties, and Vertically Challenged just to name a few. I'm sure there are plenty of clubs for at least a one-page article.
Flatline Customs Denham Springs, Louisiana

That's definitely an idea that's crossed our minds before. However, we have a limited number of pages each month, so adding a column on clubs would mean removing one of our existing columns. Also, no matter how carefully we wrote it, we would most likely end up making one club appear better than the others, and at least one club would end up unhappy with us. So, in the interest of staying impartial, we prefer to focus on individual trucks.

No More 4x4?
Your magazine has gone downhill. Why would you turn your back on the lowered truck scene to become just another 4x4 mag—as if there's not enough of those already? I for one will be not getting any more of your mags.
Beau Martin Webster, Texas

We're always sad to hear a reader dropping the magazine, but Truckin is going to continue doing what it's always done: covering the best, most jaw-dropping trucks regardless of their style, shape, make, age, or color. Flip through this very issue, and you'll see three modern 'bagged trucks, a classic Chevy, and two insane off-roaders. We'll never turn our back on our lowered heritage, but we're also not going to ignore a badass ride just because it happens to be a lifted 4x4. Thanks for the feedback.

Close Call
As you can see from the photo, one of our employees got into an accident today in his 'bagged and body-dropped Chevy. A truck swerved into his lane and spun him out into a steel guardrail. Thankfully, he is fine besides a few bumps and scratches. The truck is completely totaled and was going into paint this weekend. It's up in truck heaven now.
Little City Customs Davie, Florida

Ouch! We're glad to hear the driver is okay. Stay safe out there.

Sponsorship Advice
Any advice on places to send renderings for potential sponsorships? My custom '03 F-150 is in the works, so any help is appreciated. This is my first all-out project. Thanks!
Gerry Rogers

This is a question we get hit with quite often. The reality is this—sponsorships are hard to come by and the old adage “It's who you know” is often the case when it comes time to get discounted truck parts. Our best advice is to build a complete show truck, show it as often as you can, and use that as a launching pad to your next build. Once companies see what you can provide in regards to quality and exposure, send your next truck's rendering to whomever you would like to work with. Be sure to include a list of shows you plan on attending, potential magazine exposure, and descriptive ways your truck will help them sell more parts. Good luck. –Ed. Dan