What's up Truckin,
I still have my first vehicle, a 2006 Ford F-150 XLT 5.4L Triton. I've done a lot to it, but now I want to put 20-inch rims with a bigger tire on it. So I want to lift it, but not too much to where it sucks my MPG down on the highway. Any ideas on what kind of a lift I should go with and how high? This would help me so much and I love your magazine (but you should put more Ford trucks in it).
Thanks again,
Douglas Hodge
Gillette, Wyoming

An '06 F-150 is an excellent truck to be your first vehicle. Lifting it is a perfect option. However, no matter how high you lift it, you will lose gas mileage. A leveling kit, which would bring the front end up two inches and allows you to squeeze some larger tires under the fenders, would take the smallest hit on your gas mileage. There are generally two different types of leveling kits; the spacer type, that goes on top of the strut; and the strut type, that comes with an adjustable strut. Some kits now also come with new upper control arms. The choice is ultimately up to you, but the most inexpensive version is the spacer type. Great question Douglas.

Hey Guys,
I need help with something. I have a 2008 2WD Chevy Silverado and I'm trying to find ways I can increase gas mileage with no loss of power. I was thinking a Volant cool-air intake and maybe a chip and a new exhaust, but to be honest there are so many things to choose from that I don't know what to do. I've also debated on lifting it four inches but I don't know what kind of change that would have on it. Can you please help me out?
Michael Kent

You aren't the only person looking to increase gas mileage. With gas reaching never before seen highs in recent months, we're sure a lot of people are looking to increase their MPGs. This can be tough because every product claims to be the best at increasing fuel mileage and power. But which one really is the best? You mentioned Volant and we have always had good luck with their kits, thanks in part to plastic inlet tubes and new ram air scoops. As far as tuners go, we would suggest researching several and picking one with an “Eco” mode. Finally, there really isn't going to be a significant MPG difference when it comes to different exhausts, but lifting it with bigger wheels and tires will certainly negatively affect your mileage. We hope this helps you out.

You Wanted to Know:
In Volume 38, Issue 9 of Truckin, our First-Ever Black issue, we gave our opinion of a money-themed Lambo/gullwing-door Expedition. While many people called us haters and said we owed the owner an apology, a lot of people supported our decision. Here is some of the feedback we received:

Roy Stevens:
Truckin magazine needs to send the owner of the green money-themed Expedition a handwritten apology letter and maybe a free lifetime subscription to the magazine. How dare you guys PUBLICLY BASH this guy??? Why even post the pics in your mag? Negative press is good press right? I guess INDIVUDUALITY & CREATIVITY isn't allowed if it's not to the magazines own personal taste??? Haters gonna hate... but for TRUCKIN TO DO IT IS HELLA CHILDISH!!!!!

Ernie Macias:
Do you think when “Best and Worst” dressed lists come out in magazines like People, the readers demand apologies for the women and men in the “Worst” category? I'm pretty sure it's the job of the editors to show and point out the views of many of its readers. Not everybody is going to agree on what's cool and what isn't, and I want to hear all sides of it. Also, I love to read articles when the editors can really let loose. After all, if they're going to lie in their articles for the sake of making everybody happy, then I say cancel all magazines. Kudos to you Truckin, KEEP IT REAL.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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