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Hello, My 1977 Chevy Blazer was featured on the cover of the June 1992 issue of Truckin. I would like to know if it was one of the Top 10 trucks that year. At the time of the photo shoot, I was living in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you very much! Jerry Cooper

Hey Jerry,
Wow, you really took us back in time with your question. After looking at all of those '90s covers, we're glad to be past the 15-inch wheels, checker-flag paint, and tweed interiors that were so popular back then. We started the custom truck Top 10 back in 2008, so your truck would not have been included. Thanks again for a glimpse into our past.

Hello, My name is Sarah Feaver. I am emailing you in regards to the modeling ad in your recent magazine. I would really like a chance to be a part of your team! I am turning 18 on September 27th, with natural bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall and weigh 113 pounds. I look forward to hearing from you!
Sarah Feaver, Canada

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for checking out our magazine. We did pose a question in Issue 9 asking if the readers would like to see more models in our magazine, but the overwhelming response was to keep it minimal and classy. With you living in Canada, it's going to make it difficult to hire you for any assignments. To prove we do take photos of models on occasion, here is the lovely Jess Rockwell (#jessrockwell) from a recent shoot with our Project Novakane truck.

Hey guys,
I'm a big fan and I always try to save my money every month just to buy your magazine.
Jesus Cerda Jr.

Thanks for reading, Jesus!
It's because of readers like you that we work hard to bring you only the best.

What's the next big trend y'all see in the custom truck world?
Thanks, Matthew Ryan

That's a great question. Thankfully, you've asked a group of guys who have their pulse on the world of all thing trucks. In this challenging economy, people want to enjoy their investments, and we're seeing more and more really nice trucks being driven. Airbagged trucks are still popular, and we're seeing a rise in lifted trucks, especially ¾-ton diesel-powered rigs. One area continuing to grow is the performance trucks segment, with owners realizing just how much fun can be had in a hot rod with a bed.

Do you guys have any experience with the heavy-duty plastic floor mats for trucks and SUVs?
Phil Davis

We've used all types of floor mats on project trucks over the years, but if you want a durable, easy-to-clean, and perfect-fitting mat, look no further than Weather Tech's Digital Fit mats. These are available in several colors and we've had great success with them. Check out Weather Tech at

We get hundreds of emails each week with funny stories, serious automotive news, and the occasional statistic that makes us say, “Huh.” This past week, we got an email providing statistics that driving while extremely tired is just as dangerous while driving under the influence. In that email it had a link to wild and crazy stories of random things people have done behind the wheel. To see some of those incredibly stupid things, check out page 121. Meanwhile, here is our very own list.

Dan Ward: I was talking on the phone while making fun of a buddy who had just received a ticket for talking on his phone while driving. Immediately after the words “I've never gotten a ticket for talking on my phone” left my mouth, I was pulled over and got a ticket.

Max Matthewson: Back when I was young and dumb, my friends and I used to play hide and seek in our trucks. This involved driving around neighborhoods with our lights off at high rates of speed trying to get away from each other and hide. There were numerous occasions that I almost ran something or somebody over. Thank God nothing did happen, but that was probably the dumbest thing I have ever done while driving.

Patrick McCarthy: I have a bad habit of pulling out my cell phone camera and trying to document some of the interesting and/or ridiculous vehicles I see on my daily commute. Sometimes the photographer in me is more concerned with getting a good shot than staying focused on driving, and I have to remind myself to put down the phone and concentrate. Plus, I know I'd never live it down if I ended up crashing with phone in hand.

Rob Munoz: So I had this really hot, drunk girl in my truck…

Lorraine Mc Craw: I have a really bad habit of eating my breakfast while driving to work. There have been close calls to an accident when my breakfast or coffee spilled on my lap.