I was looking for some parts for my ‘99 Sonoma. I'm interested in an Envoy frontend kit. I've been looking for an all-in-one bolt-on kit but I can't find one. Could you point me in the right direction?
Roy Mendoza

We contacted several well-known aftermarket vendors and unfortunately, we were unable to locate an all-inclusive bolt-on kit. However, a simple trip to your local GM dealer would help you secure all of the parts you need. In fact, a trip to a salvage yard may also have the frontend parts you need. Try contacting www.calminitruck.com to see what parts they have currently in stock for your Sonoma.

Hi, I had a quick question about your project truck Novakane. I have an ‘04 Sierra as well and have been looking for the hood that you have on it. I can't find it anywhere. Could you please direct me to where you got it? Thanks in advance.
Tim Green
Goleta, California

Good eye. Many people don't even notice the beefier hood on Novakane. The hood is a genuine GM part, from an '01-'02 Silverado HD. GMC didn't release the Sierra HD with a different hood from the light-duty Sierras, so we modified the Chevy HD hood to fit the Sierra's headlights. The end look is both custom and OE—a winning combination. You can find this exact replacement hood at www.lmctruck.com for a very reasonable $399.95.

Hey guys, I'm a big fan and I always try to save my money every month just to buy your magazine. I have a 1988-98 Chevy C1500 and I want to put stock 20s on, but I want to keep it 5-lug. Do you guys know how I can do that?
Jesus Cerda Jr.
Houston, Texas

We appreciate you picking up the mag when you can. You may want to reconsider your wheel choice, as we couldn't locate a 5-lug late-model wheel design that would directly bolt onto your truck. You can try billet wheel adapters, but you have to make sure the wheel offset is perfect, or they will rub (depending on suspension mods and tire diameters). There are hundreds of wheel designs that fit your truck, we'd suggest searching for one that gives you the factory look you desire.

I need some help. I have a ‘93 GMC Sierra 3500 that has been changed over to ½-ton axles with Mickey Thompson 15x22-inch tires on the back. My problem is, I want to change over to 20-inch rims and still keep the width but I can't find wheels that will work with these tires. Mickey Thompson has discontinued these wheels and I need your help locating some that would go with my truck's hot-rod look. I'm searching for something like Torq Thrusts or Cragars. Any help would be appreciated.
Corey Smith
Nortonville, Kentucky

We reached out to Mickey Thompson, and you're correct, they discontinued the 20-inch HR-1 wheel line. You still have plenty of options however, as most billet wheel companies make 20-inch wheels up to 15 inches wide. Mickey Thompson makes the Sportsman SR radial tire in a 31x18.00R20LT that will accommodate a 15-inch wide wheel. This means you get the larger diameter wheel and ultra-wide tires. They're not quite 22 inches wide, but we think the combo would look killer on your GMC. Good luck.

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