Hey Truckin Staff,

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for creating a quality magazine every month. That is the reason why I was frustrated when I read the complaints of another reader in the "What'd You Say" section in Volume 40, No 2. He complained about the over-the-top truck builds, which is one of the reasons why myself, and I assume many other readers, subscribe to your magazine: to see the elite of the elite in the truck world. I don't think a magazine featuring average Joe 3-inch lifts or 2/4-inch drops would last very long. As for the tech, I find it great that you feature tech articles that vary in price, skill, and available equipment. Unlike my fellow Canadian reader, I am very happy to see all the feature trucks and will continue to subscribe to this great magazine.

Thanks for producing such a great magazine,

Calvin McEneny
Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much for your positive feedback. While we can't please everyone all the time, we do enjoy getting feedback from readers. Be it good or bad, the feedback is always helpful. Thanks again for your support.

What's up guys,
I am an amateur photographer (got my first camera this past Christmas), and I am really into custom trucks. I've seen a shot used by Truckin and was curious as to how it was done. The shot is of a truck that is moving but it is taken very close to the front bumper of the vehicle. I really like those shots.

Thank you,
John Chung
Modesto, California

We really appreciate getting feedback on our photography because we take a lot of pride in it and try to make the trucks look their best through great-looking photos. I believe the shot you're speaking of is the classic rig shot. Without giving away too many of our trade secrets, we use an automotive rig that is mounted to the truck. This enables us to take photos of the truck moving without having to stand in harm's way. Hope this helps you get a better picture of the process.

Here you can see the rig attached to the hood of the truck. After the photo shoot, the physical rig is removed in Photoshop.

Truckin gurus,
I am currently deployed in the Arabian Gulf and am looking for some projects for my truck to keep me busy upon my return. Specifically, I am soliciting advice regarding what is the best type of cold-air intake to install on my '13 Raptor 6.2L that is waiting for me in my garage. Just before I left, I had a Magnaflow two-into-one side exhaust (to keep the original look) installed, and it sounds pretty nice, but I am looking for a bump in horsepower and mileage. Between the Banks, K&N, and Volant systems, which one is the best bang for my buck? Thanks in advance.

LCDR Hector "Chachi" Cardenas
Operations Officer
HSM-74 Swamp Foxes

LCDR Cardenas,
Thanks for your service and sacrifice. You came to the right place! It sounds like you're ready to have some fun when you get back. Out of all the intake kits on the market, you selected three very popular versions. We have had great success with the Banks and Volant kits, as they are enclosed airboxes rather than an open element that collects hot, underhood air. This also might be something you should think about since your Raptor probably sees its fair share of dirt.

I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado, and I am looking to upgrade my headlights. I have seen a lot of trucks recently with custom headlights. In your honest opinion, how do you feel about opening up headlights and resealing them? Do you think there is a potential for moisture problems in the future? Please help me make an educated decision. Thanks.

Ryan Bren
Fort Collins, Colorado

That is a great question, my man. You are absolutely correct; the custom headlight market has blown up in the last year or so. While we haven't personally opened up a set of headlights, we certainly have shot many trucks with them, and from what we've heard, if done right, they are as good as before they were opened. There are several companies out there that will take your stock headlights and do the work for you and even offer guarantees on their work. That way, if they do leak down the road, you can send them back in. A few of them we've worked with are plainansimple.com, raptorretrofit.com, and retroshop.com. Hopefully this helps.


Our caption contests on Facebook are a huge hit. Be sure to head over to facebook.com/truckinmag to be part of the fun.

Ty Owen: Chevy runs deep

Luis Contreras: Recalculating. Turn Right, NOW!

Kendra Le Ann: "Hold my beer and watch this!"

Matthew John Dodds: Craigslist be like, "Fresh motor, slight water damage."

Erik Olds: Slowly, the wild snowplow stalks its prey by hiding in the snow.


When Ford unveiled its new F-150, we posted it on Facebook to gauge reactions. Below is some of what we got.

Miguel Holguin: If a Ram and Tundra had a baby.

John Harvie Garrett: Wow, finally Ford makes a good-looking truck!

Daren Hoaglund: Is that the model that has a heated tailgate? When it breaks down, it keeps your hands warm when pushing it in winter.

Chap Taylor: I certainly hope there is going to be a chrome upgrade available. I do not care for all that paint on the front end.

Glen Storie: Need to see it in person before I judge.