Hey Truckin Staff,
I have a response for all the guys who say lowered trucks are useless. Most trucks only see street time, so you might as well get more mpg, better handling, and make your truck faster. Plus, after lowering it, it is easier to get in and out of. No need for tacky steps to buy, which, if it snows in your region, just keep salty road deposits on your body panels, causing them to rust out faster. Also, depending how you lower your truck, airbags actually increase the payload, stability, and ride quality of the truck. So laugh all you want, but lowered trucks have everything to their advantage except deep snow and off-road. But if you don’t deal with that on a normal basis, you might as well drop it. Anything looks better than stock!

Joe Willman
Omaha, Nebraska

You are spot on. We don’t get why there is so much hate on the lowered scene. We have yet to hear a group of lowered truck guys bash on lifted trucks. People just want to be ignorant about the topic. Thank you for your input.

What’s up guys,
I don’t know how often we get the question, “How do I get my truck in your magazine?” There are two ways for it to get featured: the first is through Readers’ Rides. To do this, send a photo of your truck to readersrides@truckin.com. Include as much info about your truck as you can. The second way is to get a full feature. This is obviously reserved for feature-worthy trucks. If you feel your truck deserves a full feature, send a picture of it and some specs to editorsinbox@truckin.com. If you have any other questions, you can send them to that email as well.

Truck Turn-Ons,

According to a recent study done by insure.com, women are most attracted to men who drive trucks. The study goes on to say they prefer black to any other color and Fords are their favorite brand. So we guess if you drive a black Ford F-150, you’ll be on a lot of women’s radar. Below is the rest of the breakdown of cars ranked by most attractive to women.

Truck Turn-Ons
Pickup trucks: 32 percent
Sports cars: 27 percent
SUVs: 16 percent
Sedans: 11 percent
Hybrid or electric: 9 percent
UPS truck: 4 percent
Minivans: 2 percent
Mail truck: 1 percent


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Team Truckin,
In your January 2013 issue, there was an article titled “Budget-Friendly Horsepower.” In this article, you built a budget 6.0L LS engine with aftermarket parts. One of the parts used was a Professional Products Typhoon intake manifold (PN: 52064). I have an ’02 Suburban and was excited to see a good-looking intake on an LS build, as I’m considering one myself. The article, however, didn’t clarify how or if this intake would clear the bulky pulleys and tensioners on almost all LS-based trucks. And almost every parts website states this manifold is not for truck applications. Could you offer me any more info so I can be confident about whether or not I should pull the trigger or start looking for an alternate manifold?

Ryan Mabee/Arizona


That is a great question, as this is a great looking intake. We simply bolted it onto the engine without any problems. It cleared all the pulleys and tensioners without modification. You may lose some low-end torque -- but gain high-end power!

Hey guys,

I was looking at the SEMA trucks and wondering what lift or combination of components was used on the Trilogy ’14 Chevy Silverado, built by KEG Media. I’m in the process of working on my new ’14. What I want is to successfully fit 37s with 20-inch wheels, and this truck caught my eye. If you could give me further information as to what they used to achieve this look I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Cory Nichols / Julian, West Virginia

You are right. Trilogy is definitely an eye-catcher. The truck features a Bulletproof Suspension front kit, but it has been modified by Full Flex Customs, in Spring, Texas. The rear is a custom four-link setup with a track bar, also done by Full Flex. The truck clears the 40x15.50R24 Toyo tires perfectly. Thanks for writing in!


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Doing a little studio photography on our ’13 #EcoBoost. #GT-150 #Ford #truckporn #truckin #priusrepellent

fili450r: that looks sick for a Ford

britthodge: that is exactly what I am doing

corywright88: What front bumper is that???

edramosjr27: dat stance tho

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