News Briefs
Ford and BP recently announced an initiative aimed at moving the United States closer to a hydrogen economy. Ford will place as many as 30 hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road, and BP plans to build a network of fueling stations to support them in metropolitan Sacramento, Orlando, and Detroit.

Hummer has announced that the '05 H2 SUT will start at $52,845, approximately $1,500 lower than a similarly equipped '05 H2 SUV.

AutoWeek recently reported that Honda is considering cylinder deactivation technology in its 3.5L V-6, which powers the Pilot, Odyssey, and its upcoming pickup.

The '04 Ford F-150 won the Auto Interiors Show's Interior of the Year Award.

Automotive News reports International Truck and Engine Corp and the EPA have made an agreement to commercialize a co-developed diesel engine that would meet near-zero emissions standards without the need for after-treatment devices.

Insiders tell us Mazda has decided against selling a Tribute version of the Ford Escape hybrid.

Correcting Ourselves
We incorrectly listed DuPont's contact information in a recent editorial mention. The correct way to contact DuPont is by calling (800) GET-DUPONT (438-3868) or to visit

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