Billet Gas Cap $260
Ride Tech, formerly Air Ride Technologies, naturally offers a wide selection of air-ride products and related hardware, but they also sell some pretty cool accessories like this billet gas cap. It is available in a traditional billet appearance or a black anodized option. The locking cap comes with two keys and includes all necessary hoses, clamps, fasteners, and it is highly adaptable to custom applications.

Ride Tech
(812) 482-2932

Kids At Heart $24.95
Ok, we'll admit it-we still play with model cars. They look cool and they lighten up the office space. Since our model trucks and cars are on visible display on our desks, we figured the next best accessories for them would be Genuine Hot Rod's cool desktop 1:18 scale garage accessories. Surround your models with a full, miniature desktop tech center and go ahead and plan on getting even less work done.

Genuine Hotrod Hardware
(800) 575-7932

30 Minutes To Heaven $349
Sulastic rubber springs do install in about half an hour and once installed, they should reduce vibration by 60-80 precent, shorten braking distances by 10-20 precent, and increase stability by 20-30 precent. Sulastic's rubber springs attach the rear end of the leaf springs and will not affect load capacity, truck height, or void your truck's warranty. With so many applications to chose from, we are simply amazed we haven't seen a product like this on the market sooner.

(408) 239-4527

Engine, Engine Number 8 $298
Leave it to to innovate yet another high performing product for your air-ride system. The eight-cylinder, three-position 200-psi Air-Engine V-8 unit comes complete with fittings and harnesses, and requires no assembly whatsoever-just plug in all necessary lines. offers a lifetime guarantee on their new Air-Engine units, which means you'll never have to buy another valve again.
(800) 842-8789