Drop Yours $135
DJM Suspension has introduced their new 2-inch drop coils for '07-and-later Chevy pickup and SUV models. The coils have been redesigned around GM's new late-model strut suspension configuration and will improve the look and ride quality for a price that would be impossible to refuse. DJM has been a trusted name in suspension for quite some time now, and the quality of their products are never disappointing.

DJM Suspension
(800) 237-6748

Cooling Control $114.95
Dakota Digital's brand-new PAC-2700 electric fan controller was designed to make the most out of any application running an electric fan. The 70-amp relay equipped controller has more than enough power to feed the most needy of electric fans, and best of all, it is fully programmable. The PAC-2700 features a 'fan on' and 'fan off' function that can be custom set to better suit an individual application or personal preference. Dakota Digital's electric fan controller also features a cool, blue LED temp display and is backed by a 24-month warranty.

Dakota Digital
(888) 200-8969

Tight Tubes $296.06
Hedman Hedders' new Tight Tube Hedders feature the flattest, 4-into-1 collector on the market that produces just as much power as a standard collector, while still providing maximum clearance. The Tight Tube Hedders are perfect for applications with narrow framerails and are available for Chevy small-block, big-block, and Mopar engines. Hedman offers a great-looking, highly-durable HTC ceramic/metallic coating for all of their Tight Tube models, but uncoated versions are also available and come with a much smaller price tag.

Hedman Hedders
(562) 921-0404

Number One Glove $40.95
When you're messing around with heavy machinery in the garage, hand protection is of utmost importance. Mechanix Wear knows that an avid wrench-turner demands a high-performance, comfortable work glove and they have fused both in their new M-Pact 2 glove. The M-Pact 2 has been anatomically designed and includes such features as tapered stretch side panels that form comfortably between the fingers for an unsurpassed feel. Molded neoprene cuffs offer a snug fit around the wrists and impact-absorbing molded rubber finger protection and extremely reinforced knuckle guards offer the best in safety and reliability.

Mechanix Wear
(800) 222-4296