Let There Be Light $12.75
We've all been in a situation where more light would have helped us get the job done under the hood while turning the wrenches after daylight hours. Its tough to angle a flashlight at just the right position, but with Bossco International's innovative Luma Lite, that is a problem of the past. The Luma Lite housings are extremely portable, rotate 360 degrees, tilt up 45 degrees, and have a built-in magnetic base and optional Velcro and hat clip attachments to better illuminate on your working area. Luma Lites are available in one, two, or four pack quantities.

Bossco International
(858) 391-9208

Supreme Shine $6.99
Mothers' FX line of cleaning products have been formulated to please the most demanding of automobile owners who demand the best shine and glow from their car or truck. Sure you can buy a single bottle of the FX Synwax or FX tire shine, but getting the entire collection of Mothers FX products is the best way to ensure the cleanest, most sparkling results.

(714) 891-3364

Ram Air Intake $320.36
K&N Engineering's cold air intake for the '09 Dodge Ram 4.7L (part #63-1529) is a necessity if you expect more performance and MPG from your big truck. K&N's intake systems improve throttle response, are easy to install, and they are 100-percent legal in all 50 states thanks to their CARB certification.


Bright Bully Light $49.85
Bully Truck Accessories has a great auxiliary lighting source that will surely help while towing or backing up without a trailer connected. The hitch light unit slides directly onto a standard 2-inch ball mount with ease and is equipped with a three-way switch for added convenience.

Bully Truck Accessories