Garage Décor $14.95
Genuine Hotrod Hardware should be your first place to look for vintage auto decorations and accessories, such as this retro, laser-cut and powdercoated GMC truck sign. Although this sign is one of the coolest items to hang in your garage, office, or just about any room in the house, Genuine Hotrod Hardware has plenty more styles in stock and loads of other products ready to ship out before the holidays.

Genuine Hotrod Hardware
(800) 575-7932

Bolt-On Billet $174.95
Carriage Works loves the '09 Ford F-150 and it shows with their selection of billet grilles for one of America's most popular fullsize trucks. Available in brushed, black, and polished finishes, Carriage Works' billet grilles feature 1/8-inch-thick bars and install in about 30 minutes for a quick and inexpensive upgrade that will definitely attract attention.

Carriage Works

Take Cover $39.95
Tuckers Classic Auto Parts is offering their very cool, highly polished and chromed plated valve covers at a steal of a deal. The covers are available in embossed '327', '350', and '454' options to better fit your small-block'58-'86 and '65 Chevy big-block V-8. Dress up your truck's engine with style without breaking the bank.

Tucker Classic Auto Parts
(800) 544-1955

Programmable Performance $349.95
Superchips now has the '09 GM 4.8L covered with their all-new GM Flashpaq (part #2865). If you own an '09 Tahoe, Silverado, Sierra, or Yukon, then consider your truck ready to receive impressive horsepower and torque gains. Aside from providing your ride with increased performance, the Superchips Flashpaq also works as a diagnostic scan tool that provides real-time, in-cabin vehicle sensor display, a 0-60 and quarter mile data logger, and much more.