JET Power
In the market for a 2010 Dodge, Ford, or GM truck? If so, then look to JET Performance Products if adding more hp and all around better performance is important to you. Their inline tuning modules are easy to install and the resulting performance gains are simply amazing. Ignition advance, better air/fuel ratio, and better transmission shifting can be expected from adding a plug and play JET Performance module to your brand new ride. It's impossible to go wrong with a proven staple in the street performance game.

JET Performance
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IQ Test
Banks will introduce a new innovation to their lines of tuners that will make keeping tabs on performance easier and more productive. The Banks IQ is a stand-alone microcomputer that can control and graphically report back on engine parameters in real time. The Banks IQ features a 5-inch, full color display and allows its user to choose between tuner-enabled on-the-fly power levels, read and clear engine codes, log data, set alarms, adjust gauge colors, watch videos, listen to music, and even access Microsoft Windows documents. A built-in rechargeable battery promises endless hours of useful resources while on the road.

Banks Power
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Under Pressure
Professional Products have produced their billet PowerFlow fuel pressure regulator that not only looks great, but it also puts out high performance and sports a low price. Available in anodized aluminum finish (2-4-psi sidedraft carbs) or blue finish (4.5-9-psi regular carbs), the PowerFlow will bolt right onto a Holley regulator mounting bracket. A single PowerFlow fuel pressure regulator is suitable for applications of up to 450 hp.

Professional Products
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MSD Ignition has long been a winner in performance ignition systems and if pure performance is what you’re after then look no further than MSD. With ignition options to better serve your daily driver, street/strip vehicle, and circle track/road racing, you can be sure that MSD’s products will optimize your ride. This 6ALN ignition control system is approved for NASCAR use and carries features such as multiple spark, capacitive discharge control, a clear plastic base plate for easy inspection, and built-in Soft Touch Rev Control that is adjustable with the supplied 3,000, 6,000, 7,000, and 8,000 rpm modules.

MSD Ignition
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