Better Braking
EBC Brakes' 3GD series rotors are designed for cooler running and are constructed from high-quality grey iron for rigorous quality control. The slots in the rotors draw cooler air under the pad, which can shoot up to 1,000 degrees during heavy periods of braking, and the 'full sweep' slots help remove dust, debris, and water from the braking area. For additional braking power, add EBC's YellowStuff brake pads into your truck's stopping arsenal.

EBC Brakes

Better Air Ride
Ride Tech (formerly known as Air Ride Technologies) has incorporated OEM shock technology into the custom marketplace with their new Select series of shock dampeners. The Select series models feature a steel body monotube with two sets of independent interval valving, which provides a soft or firm handling all at the flip of a switch. Ride Tech's Select series dampeners will be available in a coilover, ShockWave, or a stand-alone configuration with no surrounding spring for a truly custom fit. Increase ride quality and towing capabilities with Ride Tech's innovative shock dampeners.

Ride Tech
(812) 481-4787

Bow Tie Heaven
Southern Kentucky Classics carries a full line of Woodall Industries quality sheetmetal for '67-'72 Chevy/GMC trucks. Full, one-piece metal bed floors are available for both long and shortbed models. Even if you aren't in the market for a bed floor, Southern Kentucky Classics has a wide selection of great restoration parts for your classic Chevy. Door panels, brakes, glass, grilles, climate control, and sheetmetal are just a few categories that may be of interest to you and your project truck.

Southern Kentucky Classics
(800) 765-9277

Performance Floor Liners
These floor liners are perfect for the winter months since trucks get used a little heavier when traveling through snow and slush this time of year. Rugged Ridge has unveiled their all-terrain floor liners for '97-'10 Ford, '02-'10 GM, and '02-'10 Dodge models. The patent pending design features a deep ribbed floor mat and deeply molded tread pattern that will channel dirt, water, and sludge away from the driver. If you're out playing or working hard in your truck, there is no reason to abuse regular carpet floor mats when a more utility and safety-minded solution is available.

Rugged Ridge
(770) 614-6101