Who: Banks Power
What: OttoMind Programmer for GM Trucks
Why: The OttoMind module for gas powered GM trucks delivers solid hp and torque improvements and is easy to install. The OttoMind also allows you to scan, read, and clear diagnostic codes, which will ultimately save time and unnecessary headaches down the road.
Where: (626) 969-9600, www.bankspower.com

Who: Specialty Wheel
What: Hot Rod Steel Smoothie
Why: Do we really need to give more of a reason why Specialty Wheels are perfect for your classic project build? Each wheel is made in America, features quality, all-steel construction, and has an attractive retro charm and sophistication.
Where: (800) 959-5800, www.specialtywheel.com

Who: Edelbrock
What: Pro-Flo XT Fuel Injection System
Why: This EFI system delivers more power and is perfect for retrofit engine projects such as an LS1 drop-in. The Pro-Flo XT includes an advance ECU featuring sequential injection and an exclusive handheld calibration module for tuning without a laptop, however, laptop tuning is still an option. The modern intake manifold features a 90mm throttle body for maximum performance.
Where: (310) 781-2222, www.edelbrock.com

Who: Firestone
What: R4Tech '09 Ford Air Suspension Kit
Why: This hybrid air/leaf suspension system features Ride-Rite air spring and SANLUIS Rassini leaf spring technology for great ride quality no matter the load capacity. Better axle control during acceleration and deceleration is also another bonus to this kit.
Where: (800) 888-0650, www.ride-rite.com

Who: Con2R (Concept To Reality)
What: Custom(er) Designed Steering Wheels
Why: Con2R offers nearly 200,000 different ways to fully build a true custom steering wheel. Trust us, that number is not exaggerated, as we spent quite a bit of time on their website trying out different spoke patterns and colors, front and back grip color options, trim styles, offsets, and horn buttons. The best part of Con2R's product is that their complete package falls within the average going rate of other custom steering wheels on the market.
Where: (503) 626-6390, www.con2r.com

Who: DiabloSport
What: Extreme PowerPuck
Why: Using the 'Diablo Dial', you can adjust up to 100 different power levels on the fly, which in turn will deliver 50-100 hp. The inline PowerPuck system will also increase fuel economy by 2-4 mpg.
Where: (877) 396-6614, www.diablosport.com