Who: Dakota Digital
What: PAC-100 Automatic Light Headlight Control
Why: Not only does this module automatically turn on the headlights during low ambient light, but it also adds dome light and accessory power options. Instead of an abrupt on/off function, the dome light slowly fades in and out, and once the ignition is turned off, accessories such as the radio, and power windows and door locks will remain functional for 20 minutes.
Where: (800) 852-3228, www.dakotadigital.com

Who: Premier Auto Products
What: License Plate Flipper
Why: The electric plate flipper will rotate the plate 90 degrees with the simple flip of a switch. Hit the switch again, and it goes back down to position. Each kit comes complete with a black powdercoated bracket, lighted toggle switch, connectors, plate nuts, and all necessary wiring.
Where: (814) 898-2811, www.premierautoproducts.com

Who: Pro's Pick
What: Quick Release Tonneau Hinge
Why: Pro's Pick manufactures a wide range of aluminum hard tonneau covers for early model trucks and this new hinge assembly allows for quick and easy installation and removal without the use of any tools whatsoever. Convenience is always king.
Where: (800) 865-7366 www.pros-pick.com

Who: MITO Corporation
What: '07-up GM Full Size Truck Tailgate Handle Camera
Why: This replacement bezel, which is equipped with an integrated backup camera, is an easy way to incorporate a great safety feature. The camera is stealthily placed on the handle bezel and is high enough to give you a great reference point when backing up.
Where: (800) 433-6486, www.mitocorp.com

Who: BMF Wheels
What: Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit
Why: BMF's leveling kit is built in the USA from premium 6061 T6 aircraft billet, and is a completely bolt-on system that maintains factory ride and alignment specs. All you need now is a set of BMF wheels to compliment your Tundra's new taller ride height.
Where: (888) 313-2580, www.bmfwheels.com

Who: Meguiar's
What: Clear Coat Safe Polishing Compound
Why: This product should be a staple in your cleaning product lineup. The clearcoat safe compound will remove light scratching and hazing, restores brilliance to dull areas, and is made to be applied by hand—perfect to take along to a show.
Where: (949) 794-8019, www.meguiars.com