Who: B&M Racing
What: High Capacity GM 4L80E Overdrive Transmission
Why: Because it can handle up to 800 hp and its an overdrive transmission, that's why. B&M's GM 4L80E provides firm shifts, features a standard shift pattern, and is perfect for high-performance street and mild strip use. The new GM tranny is available for '93-'96 and '97-up applications.
Where: (818) 882-6422, www.bmracing.com

Who: KP Components
What: Four-link and Cantilever Suspension For '63-'72 Chevy C10
Why: This kit is 100 precent bolt-on, and completely replaces the factory trailing-arm-style suspension for superb ride quality. KP Components' kit features 10+ inches of suspension travel, is fully powdercoated, and includes Slam Specialties RE7 'bags and all the necessary Grade 8 hardware. KP also offers optional bolt-on step notch kit and bolt-on Watts link kits for even better results.
Where: (800) 722-2269, www.kpcomponents.com

Who: OER
What: Car Care Products
Why: OER's Complete Car System comes with everything you’ll need to keep your vehicle's delicate finish protected and always looking its best. OER has decided to bypass expensive advertising and high-dollar packaging in order to invest more into creating highly effective cleaning products with a meager price tag.
Where: (800) 955-1511, www.oerparts.com

Who: Bully Dog
What: Watchdog Digital Display Gauge
Why: The Watchdog is a multi-function digital engine display gauge that conducts performance testing, and features unique Driving Coach software that maximizes fuel efficiency and promotes better driving habits.
Where: (866) 285-5936, www.bullydog.com

Who: Airaid
What: Concept Air Filter
Why: Airaid is taking a new modern approach to the classic 14-inch air cleaner with their 3-, 4-, and 5-inch high applications. The air filter features SynthaMax, a 100 precent synthetic, no-oil media that makes cleaning easier. The kit will also include a custom anodized billet hold-down.
Where: (800) 498-6951, www.airaid.com

Who: Accuair
What: VU4 and E-Level TouchPad
Why: The VU4 four-corner valve unit makes airbag installation as easy as possible and the E-Level system features three programmable heights, and the accompanying TouchPad allows easy access to the auto ride levels, as well as individual control over each corner.
Where: (877) 247-3696, www.accuairsuspension.com