Who: JOSN Electronic Co.
What: Wireless TPMS Monitor System
Why: Factory equipped tire pressure monitoring systems are helpful but we have yet to see a product that works quite like this wireless solution. This kit includes 5 TPMS universal sensors (one for the spare) that transmit to the dash mountable transmitter a live PSI reading of each tire. Installation requires no wiring at all and is complete within 10 minutes.
Where: www.josn.com.tw

Who: Star Billet
What: Colored Billet Grilles
Why: These billet aluminum grilles are available in red, blue, black, grey, and white, but can be custom color treated for a truly unique appearance.
Where: (888) 589-7447, www.starbillet.com

Who: Auto Meter
What: Analog LED Clocks
Why: To fully complete your dash, or just to add a classy touch anywhere in the cab, check out Auto Meter's analog clocks that feature through-the-dial LED illumination as well as illuminated hour and minute hands. These clocks are available in Auto Meter’s most popular series models.
Where: (815) 895-8141, www.autometer.com

Who: Dale Adams Enterprises
What: The Tailbone Mechanic's Stool
Why: Because sitting on old tires and beat up old office chairs gets uncomfortable after a while. This plush stool features 5-inch diameter wheels that easily roll over air hoses, and feels just like sitting in a bucket seat, which sure would be nice while turning wrenches. The seat and base are molded from engineering grade polymer, and its 13 1/2-inch height is similar to most other rolling workshop stools.
Where: (800) 266-3321, www.bonecreeper.com

Who: Fashion Paint USA
What: Flash Chrome Aerosol Paint
Why: Need a few items chrome plated but don't have the funds or the time to get it done? FlashChrome aerosol paint can add a polished metal look to just about any paintable surface including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, or even leather.
Where: (702) 387-7200, www.fashionpaintusa.com

Who: Ride Tech
What: Shockwave Black Series
Why: Ride Tech's Black Series Shockwave air springs feature all the bells and whistles as the regular Master Series Shockwave line, but have a friendlier, more economical price tag. Who would argue with paying less for the same exact fit and performance as a tried and true classic?
Where: (812) 481-4787, www.ridetech.com