Who: SSBC Brakes
What: Big Bite Performance Rotor
Why: Stopping is just as important as going, which is why SSBC has designed their rotors with turbo slots and/or cross drilling to fully maximize braking performance. The rotors are plated with an extended-life finish and are available for a wide variety of applications.
Where: (716) 759-8666, www.ssbrakes.com

Who: TFP Inc.
What: '09-up Ford F-150 Logo Vents
Why: These vents are designed to fit over the front fender logos and are a quick and easy way to a bit of luxury to your truck in mere minutes.
Where: (562) 220-1370, www.tfpusa.com

Who: Grip-Tite
What: Grip-Tite Super Wrenches
Why: The six-piece Metric and SAE Grip-Tite wrench sets are the best way to successfully remove rounded, rusted, and damaged nuts and bolts. Don't risk stripping hardware further, remove those used and abused nuts with ease and save yourself time and frustration.
Where: (866) 576-3216 www.griptite.com