New Bow Tie Pipes
dB Performance Exhausts by Corsa, has broadened their popular line of high-performance truck exhausts to cover '02-'10 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups with any cab or box configuration. The after-cat exhaust systems feature 409L stainless steel construction and straight-through construction for free-flowing performance. All dB exhausts are single side exit systems and come complete with a 12-inch polished, 304L stainless steel tip.

dB Exhaust
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Cruise with A Copper Top
Duracell batteries are specially manufactured to power the slew of electronic accessories that have a tendency of building up in your ride over time. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology delivers two times the durability to withstand the demands of multiple accessory loads. The micro-fiber glass mat absorbs acid to prevent spilling or leakage, which makes the Duracell perfect for even extreme off-road applications.

Even if your truck stays on the roads 99.9-percent of the time, these cells offer extended reliability and will deliver a confident start in the warmest or coolest weather conditions.

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