Double Header
Viair has made affordable onboard air a reality with their nicely priced dual-pack air compressor packages. This particular set features two 444C compressors that are both 200-psi rated and pull approximately 20 amps each and come complete with stainless steel leader hoses with inline check valves, remote mountable air intake filter, as well as all necessary fittings and mounting hardware. Like all of Viair's high-performance compressors, the 444C compressors are equipped with a thermal overload protector to help against damaging overheating situations.

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Frugal F-150 Drop
Belltech Sport Trucks has just released their complete lowering kit for '09 and up Ford F-150 2WD models. The kit is available as a bundle or as individual components, but whatever you select, the custom-tuned Street Performance shock absorbers will no doubt add superior handling and ride quality to your late-model Ford. The front can be lowered a total of three inches in half-inch increments while retaining the factory spring, which allows a cost-efficient alternative to aftermarket drop spindles. The rear flip kit delivers a full 5-inch drop and includes black powdercoated heavy-duty saddles, shackles, spring plates, and all necessary hardware to correct driveline geometry.

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Fast Fire
The QuickFire hand torch from BernzOmatic blends a compact profile design with the durability that all torch users demand. The QuickFire provides 40-percent height reduction over standard torches, which means better maneuverability and better control in close quarters. This revolutionary hand torch features a high-intensity swirl flame that provides a hotter, more efficient flame for 30-percent faster soldering times, and the adjustable flame control further increases user friendliness. For ease of use, the QuickFire also includes a quick start trigger ignition and a continuous run lock, which makes one-handed and finger-free operation a breeze. We tested this product and came away impressed with it's build quality, design, and ease of use.

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