Filtration For Life
Lifetime Oil Filters are built to last, and that's primarily due to being constructed from the most durable alloy metal around. With more than two feet of woven T316L stainless steel mesh in each filter, it's clear to see that these filters have been engineered to the highest degree. Lifetime's filters continue to filter oil even while operating in bypass mode by using their patented integrated secondary filtration system. Choosing a Lifetime filter will result in more horsepower, lower oil temps, improved gas mileage, and lower internal engine wear. Even better, Lifetime has a filter for every application, so there is no reason why your ride shouldn't be without one.

Lifetime Oil Filter
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Fire on Film
Upstate DVD's Throwback is a brand-new custom truck video that packs a mean punch with great show coverage from the U.S. and Canada, as well as a great assortment of feature trucks from across the spectrum of minis, fullsizes, late-models, and classic rides. Christopher Stacherski, the man behind Upstate DVD, has an extensive background in television and film, and is proud to introduce a product that he feels will take video magazines to a whole new level. The highly entertaining footage alone is well worth the price admission, and as an added, no-cost bonus, Stacherski has applied a spit-shined, artistic polish on a film that successfully captures the essence of the hardcore custom truck scene.

Upstate DVD

Raising The Bar
Pro Comp's new 6-inch suspension lift systems for the '10 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 include longer upper control arms to allow clearance for 37-inch tires on the newly redesigned body styles. The kit also comes with heavy-duty replacement control arms, a chromoly track bar that delivers a smooth, controlled ride, and to sweeten the complete packages, options from Fox, MX6 adjustable, and ES Series shocks are available to choose from to customize ride quality according to your personal preference.

Pro Comp
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