Holley Hi-Ram Inake

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce their Hi-Ram Intake System for GM’s popular LS engine. The Holley cast aluminum Modular Hi-Ram Intake System fits GM LS3/L92 engines and is introduced as a cost effective alternative to fabricated sheetmetal for high-performance applications where induction system height is not limited. The base is a modular design to accept a wide range of carbureted and EFI tops, and to be attractive to builders and fabricators as the foundation for custom induction systems. There are four tops: a forward-mount throttle body-style, dual 4150, dual 4500, and a blank top to machine for any induction style.

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Stainless Steel Water Coolers

Weldcraft has announced that it will offer six models of stainless steel water coolers designed to provide consistent, long-term cooling performance on both TIG and MIG welding applications, as well as plasma cutting operations. Each of the water coolers is available in 115- and 230-volt models and operates on single-phase power. The 2500SS and 2502SS water coolers feature a two-gallon reservoir, while the 3500SS and 3502SS models have a three-gallon reservoir. The largest of the available models, the 6500SS and 6502SS water coolers, include a six-gallon reservoir.

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New Oil Pans for Chevy Engines

EngineQuest a leading supplier of stock and performance cylinder heads and engine components, has introduced new oil pans for Chevy applications. These new oil pans fit the 2.2 Chevy S-10 RWD without sensor, Chevy 350 marine with 12mm drain plug, and the Chevy 350 marine with 14mm drain plug with baffle.

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4L60E Street Smart Transmission

Performance Automatic Inc has a new 4L60E GM Electronic Overdrive Transmission Street Smart Package for all LS powered vehicles. This package includes their Stage 1 4L60E transmission; a custom-built 2500 lock up stall converter, a new rubber mount, their Smart Shift Trans controller, dipstick, filler tube, and a one-year warranty.

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GD Series Truck and SUV Rotor

From EBC Brakes comes this sport rotor that features wider slots, which run right to the edge of the disc surface. The wider slots channel dust, dirt, water, and debris off the braking area making this rotor design ideal for any off-road driving. On highway, these rotors draw more cool air under the pad contact and reduce brake temps of more than 100 degrees. The dimples help break down the surface gases when under heavy braking or towing to prevent the pads from fading.

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Billet Aluminum Hoodpins

Eddie Motorsports offers a line of new billet aluminum hoodpins that will insure your hood never flies open at high speeds. The complete custom hoodpin assemblies are CNC-machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and like all products produced by Eddie Motorsports, they are American–made to the strictest manufacturing standards. The hoodpins are available in two styles, a smooth finish and Eddie’s new Diamond series, and with a variety of finishes including machined or brilliant polished finish, black, or clear anodized. They are fastened to the hood with four blind studs and come with a billet adjuster nut and flip over pin with integral tether. Optional aircraft-style pushpin is available at an additional charge.

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DashCommand App Now Available for Android

Performance enthusiasts and racers looking for more in-depth communication with their vehicles can now turn their Android smartphone into an advanced in-car computer. Previously only available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Palmer Performance Engineering’s DashCommand app provides your vehicle with a virtual dashboard that puts all the vital performance numbers and engine parameters in one place. Its virtual gauges display detailed data on horsepower and torque, boost/vacuum pressure, air/fuel ratio, engine coolant temperature, instant and average fuel economy, and much more. DashCommand also integrates the smartphone’s GPS and accelerometer to include specialized features such as racetrack mapping and acceleration data, an inclinometer (for off-roading), and a skid pad feature for measuring g-forces.

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Do-It-Yourself Bedliner

Herculiner is a do-it-yourself truck bedliner made from a patented, polyurethane formula. Available at leading retailers, Herculiner provides an extremely tough, skid-resistant finish. Because it bonds to virtually any surface, including metal, concrete, wood, rubber, and plastic—it’s the perfect coating for a multitude of automotive, home, and industrial applications.

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FAST LSXRT 102mm Intake Manifold

Maximize airflow & performance of GM 4.8/5.3/6.0L cathedral port truck engines & cathedral port LS1, -2, -6 race applications where hood clearance is not a concern. Testing has revealed a 32 horsepower gain over the stock intake on a stock 6.0L engine with a Big Mouth 102mm throttle body, with no loss in torque. Other features include integrated nitrous bungs and perfect bolt-on fitment that allows use of all factory accessories and OEM fuel/emission connections without modification or clearance concerns.

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