Who: Royalty Core Truck Performance
What: Twin Mesh Grille
Why: Made out of 100 percent stainless steel, this grille will separate you from the mall-crawling posers
Where: www.royaltycore.com

Rotating Ring
Who: Kinekt Design
What: Stainless steel ring for men and women with moving gears
Why: Design meets function with this elegant, yet manly ring you can wear and play with
Where: www.kinektdesign.com

Intake for 2011 Ford F-150 5.0L
Who: Volant
What: Cool Air Intake for 2011+ F-150 with 5.0L
Why: Optional ram-air scoop is guaranteed to add serious power to Ford's most popular truck V-8
Where: www.volant.com

Great Cast, Funny Movie
Who: Tower Heist
What: Blu-Ray and DVD
Why: A funny, modern-day Robin Hood type movie about a wealthy man stealing money fro m hard-working people who decide to take back their investments
Where: www.towerheist.com

Right Fit the First Time
Who: Holley
What: LS Engine Retro-fit Oil Pan
Why: Making an LS engine swap even easier, Holley's oil pan provides maximum ground and chassis clearance
Where: www.holley.com

Mechanized Movement
Who: Rebellion Timepieces
What: T-1000 Time Machine
Why: Designed by a real race team, no one else at Applebees is wearing this incredible watch
Where: www.rebellion-timepieces.com

No More Second Guessing
Who: Power Probe
What: Scream'N continuity tester
Why: With an adjustable volume knob, you'll always hear this testers audible indicators of voltage and ohms
Where: www.powerprobe.com