Future Fuel

Who: Transfer Flow
What: 40-gallon toolbox and refueling tank combo
Why: When gas prices skyrocket and roving gangs of Mad Max-style thieves roam the streets, you'll have a stealthy fuel supply ready in your truck bed
Where: www.transferflow.com, (800) 442-0056

Muscle and MPG

Who: Performance Automatic
What: GM crate engine overdrive 4L60E transmission packages
Why: Squeeze every bit of power out of your GM crate motor without killing your fuel economy on the highway
Where: www.performanceautomatic.com, (240) 439-4650

Trail Rated Suspension
Who: Rancho Suspension
What: Jeep Wrangler JK Sport suspension kit
Why: Fit up to 35-inch tires on your Wrangler with this bolt-on lift kit
Where: www.gorancho.com, (734) 384-7806

No Sweat

Who: B&M Racing
What: SuperCooler engine oil and transmission fluid coolers
Why: Ensure your engine's lifeblood doesn't overheat under even the heaviest loads
Where: www.bmracing.com, (818) 882-6422

Flippin' Burgers

Who: Hamburger's Performance
What: Two-piece billet timing cover for Gen III LS engines
Why: Save yourself the headache of dropping the oil pan when changing your LS motor's cam
Where: www.hamburgersperformance.com, (562) 921-0404

Go Green

Who: Eagle One
What: EnviroShine Products
Why: Do your part to save the planet without driving a wimpy hybrid
Where: www.eagleone.com, (800) 432-4531