Wrecked & Rusted
Who: Classic Wrecks
What: 1937 Ford truck 1/24th-scale model
Why: Relive your best (or worst) junkyard finds with these one-of-a-kind handmade models. Custom commissions also available.
Where: www.etsy.com/shop/classicwrecks

Aggressive Threads
Who: Mad Gear
What: Hot rod apparel
Why: Make a statement at shows—and not just with your truck.
Where: www.madgearinc.biz

Badass Blade
Who: SOG
What: Escape folding knife
Why: The Escape's integrated line cutter, wire stripper, and glass breaker means this knife does more than slice and dice.
Where: (888) 405-6433, www.sogknives.com

Scratches Be Gone
Who: Centerline
What: Big Foot HD
Why: Three-year polish warranty and free curb scrape repair ensures your rims stay in perfect shape.
Where: (800) 345-8671, www.centerlinewheels.com

High Rise
Who: Zone Offroad
What: 6-inch radius arm lift kit for '08-'10 F-250 & F-350
Why: This kit includes diesel- or gas-specific coils for fine-tuned ride height and smoothness.
Where: (888) 998-9663, www.zoneoffroad.com

Who: Recon
What: Replacement LED light bulbs
Why: Swap out your dim, inefficient interior and auxiliary lights for crisp white LEDs.
Where: (877) 377-3266, www.gorecon.com

Who: Milwaukee
What: M12 1/4-inch cordless ratchet
Why: The M12's slim head fits into tight spots, and its 12V motor delivers plenty of torque.
Where: (800) 729-3878, www.milwaukeetool.com

Google It
Who: Google
What: Nexus 7 tablet
Why: Unlike other Android tablets, the Nexus hardware is made in-house by Google.
Where: (855) 836-3987, www.google.com/nexus

Ready for Takeoff
Who: Casio
What: G-Shock Aviation watch
Why: Whether you're in a performance truck, F1 car, or fighter jet, this watch can handle cornering forces of over 12 g.
Where: www.gshock.com