Own the Trails
Who: ICON Vehicle Dynamics
What: SVT Raptor 3.0 Suspension System – Stage 2
Why: ICON’s billet upper control arms, adjustable bypass shocks, and front coilover system will take your Raptor’s already impressive off-road abilities to the next level.
Where: (951) 689-4266, www.iconvehicledynamics.com

Who: Central Pneumatic
What: Earthquake Impact Wrench
Why: Seized bolts tremble in fear at the thought of the Earthquake’s massive 700 lb-ft of torque.
Where: (800) 423-2567, www.harborfreight.com

Smart Synthetic
What: 10W-30 Synthetic Diesel Oil
Why: As part of AMSOIL’s OE line, this oil provides the benefits of synthetic oil without the hefty price tag.
Where: (800) 956-5695, www.amsoil.com

Who: Cold Air Inductions
What: Cold Air Intake for ’07-and-newer GM trucks
Why: Cold Air Inductions’ own high-performance filters include a built-in velocity stack for maximum airflow.
Where: (810) 531-0121, www.coldairinductions.com

Who: Toyo Tires
What: Toyo Open Country A/T II
Why: The newly redesigned Open Country A/T II offers an industry-leading 65,000-mile warranty, so your truck can handle tough terrain for years to come.
Where: (800) 442-8696, www.toyotires.com

Stealthy Gauges
Who: AutoMeter
What: GM Factory Match Gauges for ’99-’06 diesel trucks
Why: If you want to keep your truck under the radar, don’t settle for flashy aftermarket gauges. AutoMeter’s Factory Match gauges maintain the stock look and feel of your interior for the ultimate in stealth.
Where: (866) 248-6356, www.autometer.com