Who: Clayton Machine Works
What: LS Engine Coil Covers
Why: Hide your LS motor's ugly black plastic coils with these simple aluminum coil covers. Available in black or gray, these covers will dramatically clean up your engine bay.
Where: (256) 772-1878, www.claytonmachine.com

Who: Comp Performance
What: Inglese LS 8-Stack Intake Manifold
Why: There's something visceral about a shiny velocity stack protruding from a truck hood, and Comp knows this better than anyone. That's why they've made it possible to bolt individual EFI throttle bodies to modern LS engines with this classic styled manifold.
Where: (866) 450-8089, www.compcams.com

Who: Flex-a-Lite
What: Radiator/Fan Combination for 1999-2012 GM Trucks
Why: Upgrade your tired or inefficient cooling system with Flex-a-Lite's direct-fit aluminum radiator and electric fans. When your engine stays cool under pressure, your truck will keep running strong for years to come.
Where: (253) 922-2700, www.flex-a-lite.com

What: Direct-Fit Muffler for Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi
Why: FLO~PRO's direct-fit muffler has been redesigned for the new 5.7L Hemi. This factory-replacement muffler offers higher flow and improved performance while remaining 100 percent street legal.
Where: (800) 762-4286, www.flopro.com

Editors' Pick – Maxwell Matthewson
Who: Full Race/Borg Warner
What: EFR-7163 Turbocharger
Why: EFR stands for Engineered for Racing, and that spells out Borg Warner's intentions for this new turbo designed for the new Ford EcoBoost V-6. With a lightweight aluminum bearing housing and mixed-flow turbine design, it's compact, spools quickly, and flows enough air to achieve up to 550 hp.
Where: (866) 385-5722, www.full-race.com

Who: Full Throttle Suspension
What: 10-inch Lift Kit for 2011-13 GM 2500/3500 4WD
Why: Full Throttle's 10-inch lift kit will help your truck stand tall without cutting or welding. The durable black-coated kit is 100 percent bolt-on and requires no mods to the factory differential.
Where: (559) 271-8685, www.fullthrottlesuspension.com

Who: G2
What: Brute Aluminum Diff Cover
Why: Not only does G2's new diff cover look tough, but its machined face acts as a heat-sink to reduce gear oil temperatures. This means more protection for your gears and bearings, as well as a mean new look for your truck.
Where: (877) 852-7720, www.procompusa.com

Who: GoPro
What: HERO3 Camera
Why: From GoPro, the industry leaders in go-anywhere do-anything compact video cameras, comes the next leap forward: the HERO3. With three sub-models to choose from, each camera in the new lineup is 30 percent smaller, 25 percent lighter, and two times more powerful than the previous generation.
Where: (888) 600-4659, www.gopro.com

Who: Go Rhino
What: Dominator D4 Sidesteps
Why: Not only does this step look aggressive and rugged, it's designed for function with dual non-slip footpads. It's also available in chrome finish and multiple lengths.
Where: (714) 257-7389, www.gorhino.com

Who: Ground Force
What: Leveling Kit for 1999-2013 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD
Why: Ground Force's spacers incorporate a metal inner core for strength and a urethane outer layer to eliminate squeaking. This 2-inch kit's urethane will not settle thanks to its solid structure.
Where: (724) 430-2068, www.groundforce.com