Who: Chicago Pneumatic
What: CP7759Q Carbon Fiber ½-inch Impact Wrench
Why: If you know anything about carbon fiber you'll know it's light and strong, and those two qualities have carried over to Chicago Pneumatic's new carbon-fiber impact wrench. Side-to-Side reverse technology makes wielding this super-light powerhouse even easier.
Where: (803) 624-4735, www.cp.com

Who: EZ-Red
What: Brake Line Wrench Kits
Why: Available in eight sizes and conveniently packaged in a carrying case, EZ-Red's metric and SAE brake line wrenches make swapping lines easier than ever. Each wrench has a ratcheting head and 180 degrees of flex for reaching into tight spots.
Where: (800) 645-4757, www.ezred.com

Who: GearWrench
What: 120XP Ratcheting Wrenches
Why: The 120XP is named after its 120-position design, which cleverly uses a dual-engagement 60-tooth design for smoothness and accuracy. Due to this unique design, it also remains strong and durable, avoiding the largest downside of other fine-tooth ratchets.
Where: (800) 688-8949, www.gearwrench.com

Who: Grip Tite
What: GT Pro Series 6-piece Wrench Set
Why: The advanced wrench design used by Grip Tite gets a grip on any nut or bolt, even those that have been rounded or stripped by lesser wrenches. The more torque you apply, the harder Grip Tite's cams grip, making removing bolts a breeze.
Where: (800) 549-4505, www.bt-andf.com

Who: Ingersoll Rand
What: W5130 ⅜-inch 20V Impactool
Why: With a sizeable 190 lb-ft of torque, this impact tool packs a punch that rivals pneumatic tools, but with the versatility that only a cordless tool can provide. Plus, its compact size and light weight mean it's easy to maneuver and won't tire out your arms after a long day of wrenching.
Where: www.ingersollrandproducts.com

Who: Miller Electric
What: Multimatic 200 TIG/MIG/Stick Welder
Why: Miller has released their most versatile machine yet, with an all-in-one, fully portable, multiprocess power source. Plus, it weighs only 29 pounds and runs off 120V or 230V power, so you can take it with you wherever you need it.
Where: (800) 426-4553, www.millerwelds.com

Who: Port-A-Cool
What: Hurricane Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit
Why: If you're anything like us, you're familiar with how miserable it can be to work under your truck on a hot day. Port-A-Cool's Hurricane unit uses evaporative water-cooling and high airflow to lower temperatures up to 30 degrees. Say goodbye to being drenched in sweat.
Where: (800) 695-2942, www.port-a-cool.com

Who: Rousseau
What: Tool Box with Stainless Steel Drawer Fronts
Why: With a painted housing and bright stainless drawers, Rousseau's new toolbox certainly looks sharp. However, there's more than meets the eye, as the drawers slide out effortlessly and have enough space for an arsenal of tools.
Where: (800) 463-4271, www.rousseaumetal.com