Editors' Pick – Patrick McCarthy
Who: ProCharger
What: i-1 Centrifugal Supercharger
Why: ProCharger has brought superchargers into the technological age with their revolutionary computer-controlled i-1 blower. It features a programmable gear ratio, intelligent control system, dry hybrid drive, and an optional touchscreen display.
Where: (913) 338-2886, www.procharger.com

Who: Pro Comp
What: La Paz Wheel
Why: Pro Comp's new 5029 Series La Paz wheel looks mean with its matte-black finish and beadlock-style lip. As part of their Motorsports line of alloy wheels, the La Paz would look great on most any lifted truck.
Where: (800) 776-0767, www.procompusa.com

Who: Putco
What: G3 LED Dayliner
Why: Add a classy accent to your truck with these fitted LED trim strips. CNC-machined out of aluminum to fit your truck's lights, they provide a subtle custom touch without looking overly flashy.
Where: (800) 247-3974, www.putco.com

Who: Rancho Suspension
What: 2-inch Sport System Lift Kits
Why: Many entry-level lift kits only include springs and spacers, but Rancho's Sport System includes RS9000XL shocks for a smoother ride. The kit also includes front coils, rear spacers, front bumpstop spacers, and even rear brake line drop brackets for a complete lift solution.
Where: (734) 384-7804, www.gorancho.com

Who: RBP
What: Single Shot High-Performance Diesel Fuel Additive
Why: These individual Single Shot bottles provide an easy delivery method for RBP's popular diesel additive. Boasting a 5 percent octane gain and up to 10 percent mileage gain, it's an easy way to give your diesel a performance boost.
Where: (877) 519-9090, www.rollingbigpower.com

Who: Retrax Truck Bed Covers
What: PowertraxPRO Tonneau Cover
Why: Retrax is leading the way in electric tonneau covers with features like ball-bearing sliders, remote push-button opening and closing, and multi-position electromagnetic locking. It even includes an LED light to illuminate your bed.
Where: (800) 206-4070,www. retrax.com

Who: Rigid Industries
What: LED Grilles
Why: Rigid Industries' idea to combine a custom grille and an LED lightbar into one unit is nothing less than brilliant (pun intended). These futuristic-looking mesh grilles are cut from tough 304 stainless steel, and include all hardware for a simple install.
Where: (480) 655-0100, www.rigidindustries.com

Who: Rocket Racing Wheels
What: Rocket Booster 6
Why: Rocket Racing has unveiled its first-ever classic five-spoke designs in 6-lug truck applications. Now your lowered or performance truck can roll with a classic, hot-rod style.
Where: (888) 307-7525, www.rocketracingwheels.com

Who: Rosen Entertainment Systems
What: AV7900 iDOC Media Center
Why: The high-tech AV7900 headrest entertainment system provides a clever top-loading media dock, so you can plug in your iPod, iPhone, flash drive, micro SD card, or other USB device. It even simultaneously charges your device while displaying its media on the high-def LCD screen.
Where: (951) 898-9808, www.rosenentertainment.com

Who: Royal Purple
What: HPS 10w30 Motor Oil
Why: Royal Purple's HPS Series oil is specifically formulated to maximize performance and meet the demands of high-performance and modified engines. Its higher levels of zinc/phosphorus antiwear additive and Royal Purple's proprietary Synerlec additive technology provide better protection for both gasoline and diesel engines.
Where: (281) 354-8600, www.royalpurple.com