Who: SLP Performance
What: Supercharger Packages for GM 5.3L and 6.2L motors
Why: SLP's all-new Roots-type supercharger packages are now available for 2009-2013 GM trucks and SUVs. The TVS 1900 and 2300 blowers cram air into your engine for huge power and torque gains.
Where: (732) 349-2109, www.slponline.com

Who: Snow Performance
What: Comp-One Boost Cooler for diesel
Why: The Comp-One is the first paired water-methanol injection system and performance tuner package. Snow Performance's famous water-meth system drastically lowers EGTs, allowing for an aggressive new tune that unleashes up to an extra 70 horses.
Where: (719) 633-3811, www.snowperformance.net

Who: Spyder Auto
What: Projection Headlights for 2011-2012 Ford Super Duty
Why: These new chrome-finished projector lights feature LED halos for bright, reliable accent lighting. Light up the night and add a custom flair to your Super Duty with Spyder's new projector design.
Where: (626) 934-8884, www.spyderauto.com

Who: Superchips
What: Flashpaq Linq
Why: Your smart phone just got a little smarter thanks to the Flashpaq Linq, a new tuning device that connects to your Android phone for precise ECM tweaking. Add power, adjust shift points, increase the rev limiter, calibrate your speedometer, and more.
Where: (888) 227-2447,www. superchips.com

Who: Truxedo
What: Deuce Tonneau Cover
Why: The Deuce is the first and only soft roll-up, hinged tonneau cover combination. It folds up from the front and rolls up from the rear for full bed usage and accessibility.
Where: (877) 878-9336, www.truxedo.com

Who: US Speedo
What: 2007-2012 GM Truck Black Ops gauge kit
Why: US Speedo's new black ops gauge kit is perfect for those of us that love stealth. When not backlit, the gauges stay blacked out, but they light up brightly for easy visibility when needed.
Where: (810) 244-0909, www.usspeedo.com

Who: Volant
What: Fast Fit Intake for 2011-2013 Silverado/Sierra 1500
Why: Volant's Fast Fit intake line is now available on the 2012-2013 Silverado and Sierra, featuring a simple install for improved horsepower and fuel economy. Make the most of your money with this inexpensive upgrade.
Where: (909) 481-3888, www.volant.com

Who: Warn Industries
What: Vantage 4000 Winch
Why: The Vantage features best-in-class 4,000-pound pulling capacity, and is specifically designed for heavy-duty fullsize truck usage. With an affordable price tag, its myriad of features makes it a great bang for the buck.
Where: (503) 722-1200, www.warn.com