Power of the Atom

Who: MSD
What: Atomic EFI LS
Why: Simplify your LS-powered truck’s electronics by seamlessly integrating them into the fuel rails. No more bulky ECU or wiring harness to mount, and no rat’s nest of wires to route—it couldn’t be easier.
Where: atomicefi.com, (915) 857-5200


Who: Be Cool
What: Aluminator Direct-Fit Cooling System
Why: A failed cooling system can kill your truck’s engine in the blink of an eye, and Be Cool’s new Aluminator line is built with dependability in mind. Made in the USA with fully welded construction, each one is pressure tested and backed by a one-year warranty.
Where: becool.com, (800) 691-2667

DIY Pipes

Who: JBA
What: Dual exhaust for ’05-’13 Silverado/Sierra
Why: Mandrel-bent tubing and JBA’s signature mufflers produce excellent flow and plenty of rumble. Plus, it includes all the mounting hardware for an easy do-it-yourself install.
Where: jbaheaders.com, (909) 599-5955

Instant Power

Who: NOS
What: Pro Race Fogger EFI dry nitrous kits
Why: These new single or dual-stage kits are designed for stand-alone engine management systems with programmable dry nitrous support, such as Holley’s Dominator or HP EFI systems. This allows for complete control over fuel, ignition, and nitrous for reliable horsepower on demand.
Where: holley.com, (270) 781-9741

No More Slip

Who: Concept One
What: Serpentine System for Supercharged LS engines
Why: For supercharged truck owners, slipping and/or jumping belts can be a huge headache. Concept One has the solution with their complete 8-rib serpentine system for LS engines with Magnuson or Edelbrock superchargers.
Where:c1pulleys.com, (877) 337-0688


Who: Gibson Performance
What: Metal Mulisha 4-inch exhaust for 2013 Ford Raptor 6.2L
Why: Made entirely in the USA, Gibson’s Raptor exhaust sounds throaty, has a mean-looking black ceramic-coated tip, and gains up to 17 hp and 19 lb-ft. What more could you ask for?
Where: gibsonperformance.com, (800) 528-3044

Turbo Protector

Who: Heatshield Products
What: Stealth Turbo Shield
Why: Less heat under your diesel truck’s hood means more efficiency and power, and Heatshield Products has developed a clever way to stop heat at the source—the turbo itself. The new Stealth Turbo Shield looks unassuming but can lower underhood temps up to 40 percent, allowing for more boost and less lag.
Where: (800) 750-3978, heatshieldproducts.com

Chip It

Who: Superchips
What: Flashpaq for 2013 Chevy/GMC 4.8L, 5.3L and 6.2L
Why: Make up to 25 hp and 29 lb-ft of torque on your 2013 Chevy truck with this plug-in programmer. You can also adjust tire size, rev limiter, and many other parameters based on your setup.
Where: superchips.com, (888) 227-2447

Cool Your Cummins

Who: Fleece Performance
What: Coolant Bypass Kit for ’03-‘13 Cummins engines
Why: Cummins engines can suffer from lack of coolant flow to the rear cylinders, so Fleece Performance designed this ingenious bypass kit to keep your Ram’s engine cool under pressure. It’s got a secondary thermostat built in to ensure even temperatures, no matter how hard you beat on your truck.
Where:fleeceperformance.com, (855) 839-5040