Titanic Torque
Who: Centerforce
What: DFX series clutch package for '05-'12 Ram 2500 & 5500 six-speed turbo diesel
Why: Your diesel truck produces tons of torque, so why waste it with a slipping clutch disc? Centerforce's DFX series package is designed for maximum performance and torque capacity, but its special wave spring friction disc cushion also keeps it smooth and streetable.
Where: (928) 771-8422, centerforce.com

Heavy-Duty Cooling
Who: Derale Performance
What: Series 7000 transmission coolers
Why: Diesel trucks are right at home towing heavy loads, but this can result in a lot of heat and strain on your transmission. That's why Derale Performance came up with this heavy-duty four-pass transmission cooler. It even has “embossed turbulators,” which both sound awesome and improve heat transfer.
Where: (800) 421-6288, derale.com

Enlightened Oil
Who: Amsoil
What: OE 10w30 synthetic diesel oil
Why: Amsoil's OE line of synthetic oils are designed for those of us that want synthetic performance without the hefty price tag. The new 10w30 diesel oil is also specially formulated to resist oil consumption, prevent soot thickening, and endure extreme conditions.
Where: (800) 777-8491, amsoil.com

Intelligent Power
Who: Banks Power
What: AutoMind programmer for '11-'12 Ford Power Stroke 6.7L
Why: The AutoMind is a flexible, all-in-one programmer and scan tool that will take your Super Duty to the next level of performance. It's as simple as plugging it in, loading one of the dyno-proven preloaded tunes, and enjoying up to 151 hp and 241 lb-ft of added torque. It can even tweak shift points and adjust torque converter lockup.
Where: (800) 695-1428, bankspower.com

Who: AEM
What: Cold-air intake for GM Duramax 6.6L
Why: AEM took it to the next level by using computer airflow simulations to carefully engineer this intake. This means smoother, less turbulent airflow for maximum power gains. It's also got AEM's new air filter life gauge, so you know right away when it needs cleaning.
Where: (800) 992-3000, aemintakes.com

Power Pipe
Who: MAK Performance
What: 3-inch offroad Y-pipe for F-150 Ecoboost
Why: This mandrel-bent Y-pipe is capable of producing up to 20 hp by freeing up exhaust flow and eliminating the stock pipe's restrictions. This bolt-on pipe was even used on America's fastest Ecoboost F-150, showing that MAK Performance knows how to make maximum power.
Where: (877) 625-7223, makperformance.com

Helical Velocity
What: PowerAid throttle-body spacer for '12-'13 Ram 5.7L
Why: The PowerAid is an inexpensive, easy-to-install spacer that adds a helical spin to incoming air, improving intake airflow. This results in better fuel economy and performance for your Ram's HEMI.
Where: (800) 498-6951, airaid.com

No Compromise
Who: JBA Performance
What: Emissions-legal headers for '07-'13 Toyota Tundra 5.7L
Why: When it comes to aftermarket headers, it's easy to make power, but it's often at the expense of keeping your truck road legal. To solve this dilemma, JBA has a full line of 50-state-legal headers that still make plenty of power and torque, such as these industry-first 5.7L Tundra headers.
Where: (909) 599-5955, pertronix.com

Acoustically Tuned
Who: Corsa
What: After-cat exhaust system for F-150 SVT Raptor
Why: Corsa's patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology allows them to precisely tune the exhaust sound like a fine musical instrument. This means plenty of rowdy performance rumble without annoying interior drone. Plus, it's built in the USA from premium stainless steel, so it'll last for many years to come.
Where: (800) 486-0999, corsaperformance.com

Who: aFe
What: SCORCHER performance module for '11-'13 Ford F-150 Ecoboost
Why: The new SCORCHER unit dynamically alters your Ecoboost truck's pressure sensor signals, resulting in increased boost throughout the entire RPM range. This yields up to 47 hp and 57 lb-ft of torque, as well as reduced boost lag and improved throttle response.
Where: (888) 901-7693, afepower.com