Tires are expensive. Tires for your lowered or lifted truck are really expensive. The three best ways to extend the life of your investment in performance rubber is proper inflation, tire rotation, and wheel alignment. Inflation and rotation are easy, but until recently, to getting professional wheel alignment results meant scheduling an appointment with a repair shop. That was then, welcome to the Quick Trick Alignment age. Imagine the amount of time and money you’ve spent on alignments over the years. Now that you’re shaking your head with disgust, imagine an easy-to-use alignment system you can do at home. Best part is with the Quick Trick Alignment Pro XXL ($328.95 at Link text....), you get an alignment tool that accommodates 17-22-inch wheels -- so you can use it on your wife’s SUV and your custom truck.

Using a powdercoated “T” structure and a digital gauge, the Alignment Pro XXL fits wheels with and without lips and in a matter of minutes you can check camber, caster, and toe specifications. The digital gauge uses magnets to stick to the “T” structure and uses easy-to-read up and down arrows to indicate positive or negative camber. The Pro XXL includes two tape measures that fit perfectly into slots cut into the lower portion of the “T” structure, which allows proper inspection of toe. You may be wondering where you can get all of the alignment specs for your specific application, and for all you app-lovers, you’re going to love this -- you can download the QuickSpecs Wheel Alignment app from Quick Trick. For $8.99, you get all of the specs for your truck and with the specs on your phone, you have easy access to the information while performing the alignment.

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