LMM Power
Who: aFe
What: DPF-back exhaust for ’07.5-’10 GM diesel trucks
Why: Give your 6.6L LMM V-8 diesel truck a shot in the arm with aFe’s high-flow 5-inch exhaust. It’s easy to install with included hardware and factory mounting points, and its 7-inch black stainless tip will add aggressive styling to your Chevy or GMC.
Where: (888) 901-7693, afepower.com

Stay Frosty
Who: Be Cool
What:1,000hp direct-fit cooling systems
Why: Be Cool’s direct-fit cooling systems are optimized for maximum cooling for 400 hp. 700 hp, and 1,000-plus-horsepower applications. The system includes everything you need to keep your high-output truck cool, from the complete wiring harness to the engraved billet pressure cap.
Where: (800) 691-2667, becool.com

Total Domination
Who: Holley
What: Gen 3 Ultra Dominator carburetor
Why: The Ultra Dominator has been completely redesigned from the ground up for race applications. It flows better than ever before, thanks to Holley’s Computational Flow Dynamics analysis, and it’s available in bare billet or Hard Core Gray finish (seen here) to match your engine’s look.
Where: (270) 781-9741, www.holley.com

Under Pressure
Who: Vortech
What: Maxflow race blow-off valve
Why: Lower friction, faster response, higher durability, and a great sound -- the Maxflow has everything you need. Plus, it can be mounted in any position and is adaptable to all types of boosted engine applications, so it can meet your high-power requirements on any platform.
Where: (805) 247-0226, vortechsuperchargers.com

High-Tech Injection
Who: AEM
What: V2 Water/Methanol HD injection kit
Why: AEM has completely redesigned their water/methanol injection controller, allowing for easier installation, faster programming, and better performance. The new controller features sturdier knobs, a positive-lock harness connector, and even a Boost Safe fail-safe feature to protect your engine.
Where: (310) 484-2322, aemelectronics.com

Fast Flash
Who: SCT
What: SF3 Power Flash programmer
Why: The SF3 programmer is preloaded with dyno-proven tunes to increase horsepower and torque. Loading these tunes is as simple as plugging into your truck’s OBDII port, highlighting the tune you want, and hitting select. Best of all, it’s just that simple to return to stock when necessary.
Where: (407) 774-2447, sctflash.com

Stop Faster
Who: EBC
What: USR drilled and slotted brake rotors
Why: We all know how to modify our trucks to accelerate faster, but what about stopping faster? EBC’s slotted rotors look great, and they can significantly improve braking performance and longevity when used with matching EBC pads.
Where: (702) 826-2400, ebcbrakes.com

No More Drone
Who: CORSA Performance
What: After-cat exhaust for ’10-’13 SVT Raptor
Why: CORSA has become known for exhaust systems with a great sound and no obnoxious interior drone, thanks to their Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology. Their Raptor system flows 35 percent better than stock, and it’s made right here in the USA.
Where: (800) 486-0999, corsaperformance.com

Who: Custom Works Products
What: Carbon-fiber valve covers
Why: Carbon fiber is light, strong, and--let’s be honest--looks awesome. Top off your modified GM small-block, big-block, or LSx engine with these killer valve covers from Custom Works Products.
Where: (530) 864-5846, customworksproducts.com

Toyota Power
Who: Bully Dog
What: GT-T+ tuner for Toyota trucks
Why: Bully Dog’s all-new Toyota tuner improves power and fuel economy, while also allowing you to monitor every aspect of your truck’s performance. When it’s all said and done, it can add up to 25 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque output -- that’s some serious power.
Where: (940) 783-9914, bullydog.com