If you’ve modified your truck, chances are you’ve got a light shining brightly on the dash. Whether the new wheels and tires have triggered the TPMS light, or the new intake has caused an SES light, driving around in a truck with lights on the dash is annoying. Most code readers can fix that dilemma, but this month’s Tool of the Month is so much more than just a typical code scanner. The OTC 3111Pro is designed to be an all-in-one scan tool for OBDII, CAN, ABS, and even SRS airbags. OTC is a leader in professional-level scan tools, and much like higher-end parts trickle down into base model trucks, the technology and features used on OTC’s dealer and shop line of tools has found its way inside the 3111Pro.

It’s difficult to wrap your mind around 4.3 million verified fixes from one tool, but that’s the kind of punch the 3111Pro packs. Imagine the scan tool providing details on actual fixes to the problem, which caused the trouble light to come on, and you begin to fully appreciate this mighty tool’s capabilities. Another huge bonus to the 3111Pro is its ability to list the location of the specific component that is causing the trouble code -- it’s like having a truck repair manual built into your scan tool. A trick feature called Auto ID instantly retrieves the vehicle’s VIN number and breaks it down into year/make/model for easy identification. In addition to the aforementioned features, the 3111Pro also displays live engine data, it can record engine data, and it has a built-in acronym database to help decipher what all of those codes mean. It’s an invaluable tool that can help keep your truck running its best and help track down problems when they arise.

The OTC 3111Pro kit included a soft storage case, four triple-A batteries for backup power, a USB cable for hardware updates and print capabilities, a user’s guide, and scanning suite CD. We found the 3111Pro at summitracing.com for $269.97.

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