Who: American Force
What: Special Forces ZULU wheel
Why: American Force is taking the lifted truck wheel market by storm, and this is just one of the variety of slick new wheel designs they debuted at SEMA. Many custom finishes and colors are available.
Where: (877) 427-6773, americanforcewheels.com

Who: Antigravity Batteries
What: Micro-Start personal power supply
Why: This high-tech battery can fit in your pocket, but it is powerful enough to jump-start most V-8 trucks. It also comes with a variety of adapters to charge laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other devices.
Where: (310) 527-2330, antigravitybatteries.com

Editor’s Pick: Patrick McCarthy

AP Racing and Stillen teamed up to create one of the sickest big brake kits we’ve ever seen. The caliper design is straight from AP Racing’s motorsports division, so it’s got low weight, high rigidity, and near-instantaneous cooling. It’s all-out race technology for the street, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a set.

Who: AP Racing / Stillen
What: Radi-Cal forged brake system for ½-ton trucks
Why: These monstrous forged six-piston calipers envelop slotted two-piece rotors and represent the cutting edge of braking technology. A full line of ½-ton truck applications will be available soon from Stillen.
Where: (714) 540-5566, stillen.com

Who: A.R.E. Accessories
What: Automatic LED cargo lights
Why: These clever LED strips can be mounted under your bedrails, tonneau, or cap to illuminate your bed. They’re activated by a magnetic switch, so the moment your tailgate or tonneau opens, the lights come on.
Where: (330) 830-7800, 4are.com

Who: Baer
What: Extreme+ rear brakes for ’10-’13 Ford Raptor
Why: With six-piston monoblock calipers, 15-inch two-piece rotors, and Baer’s unique floating Verislide brackets, this rear big brake kit is more sophisticated than most front brake kits.
Where: (602) 233-1411, baer.com

Who: Banks Power
What: Straight-Shot water/methanol injection system
Why: It’s got an easy-to-use plug-and-play controller, full adjustability, and multiple injection setpoints and rates, so you can customize it exactly to your application. Above all, it gives you lower air inlet temps and more reliable power.
Where: (626) 969-9600, bankspower.com

Who: Be Cool
What: LS swap cooling module for ’67-’72 GM trucks
Why: So, you want to swap a modern LS motor into your classic Chevy or GMC truck? Be Cool’s complete cooling system has everything you need in one package, and it’s made entirely in the USA.
Where: (800) 691-2667, becool.com

Who: Billy Boat
What: C7 Corvette billet exhaust tips
Why: We know it’s only a matter of time before someone takes these Corvette center-exit exhaust tips and molds them into a truck’s roll pan. Make it happen!
Where: (888) 228-7435, bbexhaust.com

Who: Bully Dog
What: GT T+ gauge/tuner for Toyota
Why: With four tuning levels, data logging capabilities, and multiple new settings to adjust, the GT T+ lets you tune and monitor your Toyota truck like never before.
Where: (866) 285-5936, bullydog.com

Who: BOLT Locks
What: Coupler pin lock
Why: BOLT locks can be unlocked with your truck’s ignition key, so you’ll never have to lug around a bulky key ring again. Now available for trailer coupler pins and 2014 GM truck keys.
Where: (877) 251-8798, boltlock.com

Who: COMP Cams
What: 2014+ GM Gen V LT1/L86/L83 high-performance cam
Why: COMP’s latest cam range is designed to work flawlessly with GM’s newest engines, while increasing power throughout the RPM range and maintaining drivability.
Where: (800) 999-0853, compcams.com

Who: CST Suspension
What: Dirt Series extended-travel coilovers for ’07+ Silverado/Sierra 1500
Why: These adjustable 2.5 coilovers give your truck a level stance while improving its ride quality, handling, and suspension travel.
Where: (951) 571-0212, cstsuspension.com

Who: Doug Thorley
What: Tri-Y long-tube headers for Ford Raptor 6.2L
Why: These are the first long-tube tri-Y headers for the 6.2L Raptor. They’re also fully ceramic-coated and include stainless connector pipes with catalytic converters.
Where: (800) 347-8664, dougthorleyheaders.com

Who: Eagle
What: GM 4.8/5.3L LS stroker kit
Why: The kit includes a forged 4340 steel stroker crank, H-Beam rods with ARP bolts, forged Mahle pistons and rings, and racing bearings—everything you need for more displacement and power.
Where: (662) 796-7373, eaglerod.com

Who: Eddie Motorsports
What: Billet aluminum hood hinges for ’53-’56 Ford F-100
Why: These billet hinges significantly dress up your F-100’s engine bay, and their sealed bearings and nitrogen shocks make your hood easier to open and shut.
Where: (888) 813-1293, eddiemotorsports.com

Who: Falken
What: Wildpeak M/T tire
Why: Falken’s new prototype mud-terrain design looks ready for anything, and it’s being carefully engineered to handle the roughest terrain out there. Expect to see the production-ready version hitting stores in 2015.
Where: (800) 723-2553, falkentire.com

What: EZ-EFI 2.0 self-tuning engine control kit for LS engines
Why: It’s the easiest way to get your LS-swapped truck running and requires no complex PCM flashing or harness rewiring.
Where: (877) 334-8355, fuelairspark.com

Who: Full Throttle Suspension
What: 10-inch lift kit for 2014 Silverado/Sierra 4WD
Why: This kit is 100 percent bolt-on for easy installation, and it lets you clear 38-inch tires on your new GM truck. CNC-machined knuckles, ¼-inch-thick crossmembers, and burly compression struts ensure strength.
Where: (559) 271-8685, fullthrottlesuspension.com

Who: Hellwig
What: Rear sway bar for 2014 Silverado/Sierra
Why: This 1⅛-inch solid steel bar decreases body roll and improves handling. Plus, it’s proudly made in the USA.
Where: (559) 734-7451, hellwigproducts.com

Who: Hornblasters
What: Manual train horn valve
Why: If you’ve got train horns on your truck, why not control them like an actual train conductor? This valve lets you yank a chain and blast anyone in your path.
Where: (877) 209-8179, hornblasters.com

Who: Kinetik
What: Pro Series HC1800S power cell
Why: Kinetik’s Pro Series power cells are designed for those that need a strong foundation of 12V power for their truck’s upgraded stereo, lighting, and accessories. They’re also made in the USA and feature a three-year warranty.
Where: (888) 522-8346, kinetikaudio.com

Who: Kleinn
What: TimeBlaster train horn kit for ’07-’13 GM trucks
Why: You can install this train horn kit in 15 minutes or less, and unleash a 150-psi blast of sound at the flip of a switch.
Where: (520) 579-1531, kleinn.com

Who: K&N
What: Blackhawk air intakes
Why: A gaudy air filter can easily distract from an otherwise cleanly modified engine bay, so K&N has released this subtle line of blacked-out air intakes for those that like to fly under the radar.
Where: (800) 858-3333, knfilters.com

Who: Livernois Motorsports & Engineering
What: 3.5L rod and piston package for F-150 EcoBoost
Why: Billet I-beam connecting rods and custom forged pistons reinforce your EcoBoost engine’s internals, allowing you to run significantly more boost and make more power reliably.
Where: (313) 561-5500, livernoismotorsports.com

Who: LRG
What: 107 Series wheel
Why: The LRG 107 Series is offered in either matte black or machined finish to fit any lifted truck’s style.
Where: (855) 577-5633, lrgrims.com

Who: MaxTrac Suspension
What: Seven-inch lift kit for ’09-’13 Ram 1500 2WD
Why: With lift spindles, springs, shocks, drop brackets, and all necessary hardware, this MaxTrac kit is an easy way to give your Ram a trail-ready altitude adjustment.
Where: (714) 630-0363, maxtracsuspension.com

What: 3½-inch black single-exit exhaust for Ford Raptor 6.2L
Why: MBRP’s system looks great in satin black, sounds aggressive, and is dyno tested and tuned for maximum flow and power. Make your Raptor a little rowdier with this exhaust system.
Where: (888) 636-7223, mbrp.com