Aircraft Grade

Who: Aero
What: Spray-on cleaning product line
Why: If you’ve ever seen a private jet up close, you know they are kept extremely clean to keep surfaces smooth and reduce drag. Aero took this mentality and their high-end aircraft cleaning formulas, and applied it to road vehicles.

Deep Black

Who: Black Magic
What: Bleche-Wite tire cleaner
Why: Black Magic recently re-released this classic tire cleaner with a new and improved formula. It’s perfect for blasting off the toughest caked-on grime and brake dust, especially for trucks with whitewall tires or sidewall lettering.
Where: (855) 888-1991,

Crystal Clear

Who: Meguiar’s
What: PlastX headlight lens restoration kit
Why: Few things make your truck look beat-up and worn-out more than a pair of cloudy, yellow, oxidized headlights. Meguiar’s PlastX restoration kit uses fine finishing pads and their PlastX cleaner to make your headlights crystal clear again, without the need for any tools.
Where: (800) 347-5700,

Heavy-Duty Restoration

Who: Mothers
What: Back to Black heavy-duty trim cleaner
Why: No matter how hard you try to maintain it, the black plastic trim on trucks always seems to turn grey with time. This new heavy-duty cleaning gel isn’t just a cover-up for the problem, it actually restores the original black finish of your plastic trim.
Where: (714) 891-3364,

Classic Cleaner

Who: Turtle Wax
What: Black Box collection
Why: If you’ve got a black truck, you know how great your paint looks when it’s clean and glossy -- and how bad it can look when it’s not. Turtle wax designed this kit specifically for black vehicles, and it includes everything you need for a flawless shine.

Spray-On Protection

Who: Armor All
What: Custom Shield paint and body protection
Why: We all want to protect our trucks from dirt, grime, and rock chips, but applying a traditional protective coating or clear bra has always been costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, Armor All came up with a simple solution, with this spray-on peel-off protective coating.

No Rinsing Necessary

Who: Adam’s
What: Rinseless Wash
Why: Washing a truck has always involved two things: soapy water and a hose. Adam’s has completely reinvented this old formula by eliminating the need for rinsing with water. Just pour the concentrated cleaner into a bucket of water, use it to wipe down the truck, and towel dry.
Where: (866) 965-0400,

Luxurious Wax

Who: Zymol
What: Cleaner wax
Why: Zymol’s list of luxurious ingredients include carnauba wax, beeswax, almond meal, shea nut butter, and coconut butter. It’s like a spa treatment for your truck, and the results speak for themselves.
Where: (800) 999-5563,

Professional Polisher

Who: Porter Cable
What: 7436SP 6-inch random orbital tool
Why: Polishing and waxing your truck by hand is a pain, and it takes a long time. Having a good orbital tool is a must, and they don’t get better than Porter Cable. It makes waxing or polishing your truck a breeze.
Where: (866) 375-6287,

Gentle Car Wash

Who: Griot’s
What: Car wash
Why: Dish soap is for -- you guessed it -- dishes. Using it on your truck removes all wax from the surface and can even damage the paint. Griot’s car wash is designed to be pH balanced and safe for all finishes, so your paint stays glossy longer.
Where: (800) 345-5789,