Ludicrous Speed

Who: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

What: LPE 900hp crate engines

Why: Lingenfelter, if you’re reading this, please send us one of these new crate engines. We need to do some serious testing on it… by which we mean seeing how many sports cars and exotics we can humiliate with this under the hood of a truck.

Where: (260) 724-2552,

Hidden Camera

Who: Brandmotion

What: Rearview camera kit for 2014 Silverado and Sierra

Why: If you’ve got a new 2014 GM truck without a factory backup camera, Brandmotion has a seamless OEM-style solution for you. The kit includes a factory-replacement tailgate handle with integrated camera, and a replacement OnStar compatible mirror with 3.5-inch color monitor.

Where: (734) 619-1250,

Hot Rod Art

Who: Tom Fritz

What: Original automotive artwork and prints

Why: We met Tom Fritz at the SEMA show and were immediately impressed by the flowing lines and vibrant colors of his automotive artwork. It’s perfect for any shop wall, and it’s a timeless representation of American hot-rodding culture. (Pictured: “A Little Ahead of Schedule”)

Where: (805) 499-1630,

AN Adapters

Who: Earl’s

What: Quick-connect fuel fitting adapters

Why: If you’re running a late-model engine with factory fuel rails in a performance application, you’ll inevitably be faced with the challenge of connecting to AN fuel lines. Fortunately, Earl’s Performance Plumbing has the solution with their new quick-connect adapter fittings.

Where: (270) 781-9741,

Fabrication Perfection

Who: Showtime Metal Works

What: Sheetmetal bumpers for ’10-’13 Ram 2500/3500

Why: Showtime Metal Works custom-fabricates these unique bumpers on a truck-by-truck basis. The bumper can accommodate two 40-inch LED lightbars, and a matching rear bumper with winch and lightbar mounts is also available.

Where: (512) 739-2144,

O2 Sensor Solution

Who: Burns Stainless

What: Flanged O2 sensor bungs

Why: If you’re building a high-quality custom exhaust, you’ll want to use only the best materials, and these O2 sensor bungs from Burns Stainless fit the bill. Their flanged design distributes the load of the sensor and wiring over a larger area, minimizing the potential for cracks and leaks.

Where: (949) 631-5120,

Sound Shield

Who: QuietRIDE

What: Acousti Hood insulation for truck hoods

Why: These ready-to-install insulation panels help hide the ugly underside of your truck’s hood, and it also reduces vibration and noise from your engine. They’re available with or without 3D molded manufacturer logos to perfectly match your truck’s style.

Where: (888) 777-3410,

Tow Like a Pro

Who: Ridetech

What: TowPro load leveling kits

Why: Ridetech’s TowPro kits are application specific, and designed to support your truck’s rear suspension while towing or hauling heavy loads. These bolt-on kits also include premium Fox shocks to create an even smoother and more controlled ride.

Where: (812) 481-4787,


Who: Pro Comp

What: Explorer HID driving lights

Why: Pro Comp’s new line of driving lights features 35-watt bulbs that are 300 percent brighter and last 500 percent longer than traditional 55-watt halogen lights. They’re also available in 4- or 7-inch sizes, and include lens shields, internal ballasts, and 4-foot-long harnesses.

Where: (800) 776-0767,