Ask any custom fabrication shop worth its mettle to provide you a list of the most commonly used tools, and a quality bandsaw will always be near the top of the list. Bandsaws are so vital because of their versatility in material they can cut, how much time they save over other saw types, and their control during cutting. We’ve all needed to cut metal and have been forced to use a torch, reciprocating saw, cut-off wheel, airsaw, or even a plasma cutter if we were lucky enough to have one handy. But admittedly, those cutting devices can be hard to get a clean cut, are clumsy to handle, are super expensive, and take up a lot of room. That’s when a good bandsaw can pay for itself after just a few uses. Certain features can really elevate a bandsaw to a level of being a fabricator’s best friend, and this month, we’re proud to bring you one that has all the feature boxes checked: Milwaukee’s latest deep cut variable speed bandsaw (PN: 6232-21, $299.99 at

With this table from Swag Tools (, the Milwaukee bandsaw can be mounted upright to act like a fixed bandsaw.

We also ordered an M12 Milwaukee cordless reciprocating saw (PN: 2420-21, $129.99 at northern This will perfectly complement the bandsaw and let us get into tight spaces.

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