McDonalds might have billions and billions served (That’s a heck of a lot of cheeseburgers to haul) but Cummins just achieved a milestone that will get your heart racing faster than any cheeseburger ever could. They have now built over 2 million Cummins engines for Ram (formerly known as Dodge Ram) Trucks and to help commemorate the occasion, the hard working people at Cummins have decided to give us a glimpse into what goes into making a legendary straight-six Cummins come to life.

Some of you might not be a fan of Dodge… sorry, Ram Trucks but there is no denying that Cummins has built a quality product and literally changed the world of diesel pickup trucks ever since they built the first 6BT 5.9-liter 12-valve Cummins that was destined to sit between the frame-rails of a 1989 Dodge Ram D250. Almost a quarter century later, Cummins is still a big player in the Diesel Pickup Truck market and although the competition continues to build V-8 diesels, Cummins’ current 6.7-liter Direct Injected 24-valve Inline-6 still holds true to the philosophy of “Six in a row makes her go.”

Check out the video of the 2 millionth Cummins engine for a Ram Truck take shape and come to life!