Ford Motor Company is no stranger to licensing, having leveraged the F-150 SVT Raptor to great effect, being one of the most-licensed automotive toys of all time. Dearborn is at it again with the 2015 Ford F-150 and has partnered with Fisher-Price to create a Power Wheels version of America's best-selling truck. Unlike the actual truck, the Power Wheels F-150 is made of plastic, just like the Jeeps, Mustangs and Corvettes that have come before it.

The kiddie-scale F-150 will go on sale in September for $349.99. No horsepower or torque figures have been released, and although the toy includes "EcoBoost" badging, the Power Wheels F-150 is in fact the only version of the truck that is fully-electric. The Power Wheels F-150 has two forward speeds up to 5 mph and Reverse. Some models are available with an actual functional FM radio and MP3 jack and real working LED lights. You can pre-order your F-150 Power Wheels through Amazon or Toys R Us from Fisher-Price's product page.

According to Ford, the company generated $2 billion in retail sales in 2013 from licensing agreements, which includes everything from toy cars, apparel, games, cologne, and power tools.

Source: Ford