Earlier this month, we reported on the bravery of Bryson Rowley, who took his community pride and sense of safety to the street by using his Ram Mega Cab to take on a rogue Hyundai driven by a 14-year-old. Hitting the car head-on, the truck sustained a good deal of damage. We received reports that aftermarket bumper manufacturer Fusion bumpers had donated a new bumper to Rowley. But the outpouring of support and gratitude did not end there.

Although Rowley's actions were brave, in the eyes of the insurance company it was a deliberate collision—not an "accident"—so Rowley could potentially be on the hook for the estimated $7,500 repair cost. Local news station KSL reports that West Valley Carstar, a local body shop, decided to step up and donate labor and supplies to repair Rowley's truck. Rowley tells the TV station the body shop sent out a rental car and picked up his truck for repairs.

In addition to the new bumper, the truck received upgraded LED driving lights, new front differential components, shocks, and an upgraded fuel and turbo system. Altogether, the upgrades totaled $15,000 worth of parts and labor.

Source: KSL News