There is power in numbers. Power comes in all shapes and sizes; the size of a person's house is an expression of power, and how much money is in your savings account can satisfy your need as powerful. The sheer size of the magazine you hold in your hands conveys a sense of power. So that being said, this issue also represents our yearly look at ways to increase the power in your truck

My staff has compiled numerous ways for everyone-from the most basic beginner to the most extreme builder-to increase the overall horsepower in their vehicle. We have also included a comprehensive section of parts just for the ever-so-discerning buyer who knows they want to increase power but are not really sure where to begin or what actual parts are available for their trucks. Between our parts guide and the numerous high-quality feature vehicles all displacing gobs of horsepower under their hoods, this issue definitely features power in numbers

In addition to the predominate power theme running through the issues, we were also quite fortunate to be highly involved in shooting this month's cover truck: the Heroes Truck. When we initially saw this truck at last year's SEMA Show, there were crowds gathered around it at least five to six people deep. The thing just screams look at me, but I don't want to give too much away from the feature story. In addition to the cover article, there is also a long-running piece by Staff Editor Mark Halvorsen who literally spent a solid week traveling around the country with this truck, so please read his impressions. I think you will be quite impressed as the truck features numerous themes all anchored around America as a whole. This is a truly unique truck and should stir many memories from some and help create new and distinctive memories for others. Don't fret, this truck will be traveling all around the country for at least the next several years, so if you ever get the chance to see it in person, jump at the opportunity; the photos simply will not do it justice. This quite possibly is the most overbuilt, over-engineered, and over-painted truck we have ever seen. It's awesome and should bring people in numbers to look at its beauty. Like I said from the beginning, power in numbers.