Ah, the blissful sound of silence. No airports, no rental car companies, and no lying hotels trying to pass themselves off as 3-stars when they're more like 1-1/2 stars. Don't take this the wrong way-I love seeing everyone at the shows and getting to see our country and all that, but after a solid 8 months of the travel season, I'm ready for the sweet smell of winter. I want to spend some time in my garage, with my tools, instead of out in the field and behind the lens of a camera. Try not to miss me too much.

Our version of winter is not quite what many of you endure. Where we call home, it is still pretty warm by comparison. There have been years when I opened Christmas presents in shorts, if that gives you any idea of how winter is for Californians. Sure, we cry when it gets down to 55 degrees, but boo-hoo, right? Under my truck, I will be in shorts wondering what I should do. I have seen many inspirational vehicles and I have some sly ideas of my own that nobody has brought to life yet. So where are you guys? In my last round at bat, the Revolver, "Under Construction," Volume 32, Number 12, 2006, I asked readers to let us in on what you are building, so that we may be ready when you are, so to speak. After that column, I received all of one submission. One! Weak sauce to all of you for not joining me in inspirational thought.

To really make this your magazine, you're going to need to participate and tell us what you think is cool and not so cool. We have changed many things in this magazine based on what you, the readers, have told us was what you wanted. We can only open the door, you must walk through it. I am expecting my e-mail inbox to be overflowing with great stuff for me to go over in my next meeting, so I can say, "The people have spoken, and this is what they want to see." Until then, keep warm, get to work, and get ready to show me your stuff when I roll through a show in your hometown. I'll be ready, will you?

For being the only guy who responded to my requests, I am giving Jeffrey Kari this space to shine and be seen. Jeffrey is working on a '71 Ford Bronco 2WD and by the time his e-mail had been received, mods included: a Mustang II front suspension, custom back-halved chassis, narrowed posi rear axle, an Air Ride Technologies ProRide system, four-wheel disc brakes, Corvette LT1 motor, 4L60-E transmission, 18- and 20-inch Colorado Custom Apex wheels, fully welded and smoothed rear tailgate and roll pan, front roll pan, shaved marker lights and emblems, hidden door hinges, smoothed body seams, custom tonneau, one-off center console, capped doors, lowered floor, and a non-hinging, chopped, and laid-back windshield frame. This thing is bad as hell, and Jeffrey is doing this with twins on the way. Congratulations on both the upcoming rug rats and the killer ride!