Walking the aisles at a recent truck show, a fellow reader stopped me and asked a question that is always on my mind, "What is the next big trend?" Without hesitation, I told him clean, well-built trucks that can stand their own against the wild and busy paint schemes with just the typical wheels and tires. He replied, "But, I thought you needed wild paint to get on the cover of Truckin'?" I told him that while bright paint with amazing airbrush work and flames will always be cool, we just see the trends heading towards more one-color paintjobs and two-tones making a comeback. Attention to detail, trick little mods no one else has, and really going the extra mile with better parts and nicer quality craftsmanship is where our beloved scene is headed. It's OK to go with an awesome color with some pinstriping, rather than spend the $20K on the 12-color flames.

I'm off my soapbox. Do you agree with me? Or do you think I'm insane? Either way, let me know and email me at Dan.Ward@primedia.com.