Are there any of you readers out there who like photography? When I started at Truckin' two years ago, I had been playing around with cameras for about three years, two of those years I worked as a photographer in college. While the classes I took gave me a pretty decent technical background in photography, there was a steep learning curve when I began shooting trucks. Luckily for me, I like finding interesting angles and unique details on just about anything with wheels, so photographing a truck is still a lot of fun, even though it is my job.

So, for those of you out there who like photography, go to an interesting location and shoot your truck, because the results are always better when you are interested in the subject. Do a little research on how to light your subject, browse some photography magazines while you're picking up your copy of Truckin' to get some tips, or use a photo of a feature truck you like to get some ideas. When you have some photos you really like, send them to me for Readers' Rides, or post them yourself at so everyone can see them. Get out there and get shooting!