You have just invested your child's college tuition money in your custom truck. From custom paint to a custom suspension and performance mods-it's got it all. So what do you do with it now? Leave it under a cover all year long and trailer it to shows where you always win Best of Show, or drive it hard and show people what college tuition money really looks like. This is a hot topic in the custom truck community. Should a truck be built to be shown, or to be driven? Everyone has an opinion, so we decided to weigh the pros and cons of trailer queens versus workhorses.

No chance of anything happening to the chrome suspension VS. Truly enjoying what you worked so hard building and put so much money into.

The only way the custom paint will get a scratch is if some weekend warrior is gawking at your interior at a show and forgets about his 5-inch square belt buckle VS. Having people stop and stare as you race down Main St.

Always winning an award at shows VS. Getting to see exactly what your truck can and will do.

Spending a ton of money on something to look at VS. Spending a ton of money and possibly breaking something.

Once everyone at every show has seen it, what do you do with it? VS. Once you're done beating on it, you'll need new tires.

Your wife is really upset that you spent the kid's college fund on something you won't drive VS. Speeding ticket fees really start to add up after a while (trust us, we know!)

The Verdict: . . .Personally, we feel that if you spend an undisclosed amount of money building a custom truck, you definitely want to use caution while enjoying it, but by all means, do enjoy it. As you will see in the inaugural Throwdown article, we respect the custom truck enthusiast who builds an amazing truck and then drives it like he stole it. Whatever you do with your ride, do it with confidence because it doesn't matter who says what, if you built it, it's yours!